Five Great Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Looking for decorating inspiration this Christmas season? Today I’m sharing five great ways to decorate your Christmas tree! They’re all different and they’re all beautiful!

My favorite thing to decorate at Christmas is the Christmas tree. In my mind, it’s the star of the show and it pulls everything else together. That’s why when I set out to decorate my home at the beginning of the season, I decide what I’m doing with my Christmas tree first.

Once I have the Christmas tree decorated, I start on the rest of the house, but I like to have have several different pieces that nod back to my tree.

It could be in the ribbon or garland I use, or in the color scheme I choose.

And while I know it’s sometimes hard to come up with a new decorating idea each year, I hope one (or more) of these five ideas inspires you for your own Christmas tree!

A picture showing an idea on decorating your Christmas tree.

Five Great Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

To help make it easy, I’ve included the tree trimming sources. I get asked so often where my ornaments are from, and while I’ve owned most of them for many years, I’ve found very similar options to what’s shown on each tree!

Option 1: The Red, White & Gold Christmas Tree

This is my most recent Christmas tree, but it’s also one of my favorites! The combination of red, white and gold on the flocked tree is a stunning combination and one that certainly can’t be forgotten!

This is the flocked tree I have and love!

There are a few secrets to making this tree really stand out.

  1. Creating “clusters” of ornaments in the same color.
  2. Using a variety of different sized ornaments in the same color.
  3. Adding layers in the tree lighting.

I always recommend mixing up the ornament sizes, but on this tree, having multiple sized bulbs (3″, 4″, 6″, etc.) really elevates the tree.

And I know it may seem a little odd to create clusters of bulbs, but the tree won’t have the same effect if they’re placed singularly throughout the tree.

Lighting always plays such a huge role in the way a tree looks, and I couldn’t love these clip on candle lights more! They add so much to the tree!

Get The Look!

Here’s all the supplies you need for this beautiful tree!

An image showing all the items to decorate the red, white and gold Christmas tree.

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Option 2: The “Merry Christmas” Tree

I love this tree! This was the first year I bought a fresh Christmas tree and I was instantly in love! Because the tree was so beautiful, I really didn’t want to overwhelm it with ornaments and I still love the simplistic look of this tree!

Don’t want to use a fresh tree? This tree is very similar to the one shown below and it’s faux!

There are few elements that really take this tree to the next level:

  1. The jingle bell garland, which I made. It’s so easy and affordable!
  2. The glittery “Merry Christmas” garland. I’ve found a similar option!

On this tree, the garland really makes the biggest difference. And I love how the wrapped presents enhances the entire look. I love to think of my wrapping paper as an extension of my tree decor!

Get The Look!

Here’s all the supplies you need for this beautiful tree!

An image showing all the supplies to decorate the Merry Christmas tree.

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Option 3: The Green Velvet & Black & White Plaid Tree

This tree is stunning! And it’s not just one of my favorites, but yours too! I’m constantly asked about this beautiful tree… and for good reason! It’s magical!

Looking for a similar flocked tree? This one is a great option!

There are a few secrets to really making this tree so spectacular:

  1. The fabric garland, which I’ve shared how to create in this tutorial.
  2. The muted gold and white ornaments.

I love how the fabric garland really sets the entire stage for this tree. The dark velvet pulls out the darker elements of the flocked Christmas tree, and the black and white plaid creates a perfect pop of pattern that makes things interesting.

Because the black and white pattern is so bold, I used more muted colors with the gold and white ornaments. Any other colors would have completely overwhelmed the tree.

Make your own garland with this dark green velvet fabric and this black and white buffalo check fabric with this tutorial.

Get The Look!

Here’s all the supplies you need for this beautiful tree!

An image showing all the supplies to decorate the green velvet and plaid Christmas tree.

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Option 4: The Candy Cane Tree

There’s nothing quite as classic at Christmas time as the candy cane. I love how traditional and whimsical it feels all at the same time… which is why it inspired this festive tree!

The tree shown is a beautiful fresh tree, but this faux option is just as stunning!

To get the look of this tree, you need a few things:

  1. Red & white bunting! It makes this tree feel fun and whimsical!
  2. Jute twine! It adds such an easy, festive touch wrapped around the tree!
  3. Candy canes, plus a mixture of family ornaments!

Because the red and white bunting makes such a substantial garland around the tree, it really only needs a few other touches to make it complete. I love the simple jute twine wrapped around the tree as garland, and I also added a mercury glass garland as well.

Candy canes hanging from the tree finished everything off, then I added in a few family favorite ornaments.

Get The Look!

Here’s all the supplies you need for this beautiful tree!

An image showing all the supplies to decorate the candy cane Christmas tree.

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Option 5: The Silver & Gold Tree

This elegant tree was a spin off from my green velvet and black and white plaid Christmas tree. I wanted to create a similar look, but also make it different.

To do that, I used the same dark velvet ribbon, but paired it with white tulle fabric that I cut into to strips.

This flocked tree creates the perfect backdrop!

This beautiful tree came together because of this:

  1. The dark green velvet garland combined with the white tulle garland.
  2. The subtle silver and gold ornaments.
  3. The candle lights.

By creating a color scheme (silver and gold!), this tree feels very elegant and refined. The dark green velvet garland and the tulle garland create the perfect backdrop for the ornaments, and just like with the other flocked tree, I love how the dark green garland pulls out the dark green from the flocked tree!

The candle lights also add such a beautiful touch to this tree. They add another dimension of lighting, which is the perfect touch for any tree you plan on decorating!

Get The Look!

Here’s all the supplies you need for this beautiful tree!

An image showing all the supplies to decorate the silver and gold Christmas tree.

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I hope this was helpful and you’ve found a few different ideas that have inspired you with your own Christmas tree!

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