Our 2013 Project List & Goals

Well, 2012 is now behind us and we’re all making plans for the new year. Me included. As I looked back on 2012 I was happy and super proud of everything that we accomplished. It was certainly a busy year. But since we’ve had a little time to become adjusted to our new home, my project list has been getting bigger and bigger.

Here’s my list and goals for 2013.

1. Finish the Breakfast Nook.

Breakfast nook bench

We started this project in 2012, and while we did make some major improvements to the space, (and check off multiple items on the to do list) it’s still not done.

First, we installed the breakfast nook bench, then I transformed the current dresser with a two toned finish. To complete it we need new curtains, bench cushion, light fixture, rug, accessories and my favorite part: install the plank wall behind the window. I’ve already purchased the light, curtains and a few accessories. I can’t wait to start on the plank wall. I’ll be sure keep you updated as we make progress.

2. Laundry Room Makeover.

Recently, I shared my issues with our current laundry room. Yes, it’s the one room that went way wrong during construction. I wasn’t happy with the way that it turned out and have been itching to fix it since we’ve moved in. I have big plans for this room, which I outlined here.

3. Install Backsplash in the Kitchen.


Have you ever noticed that we don’t have a blacksplash? It’s true. When I was picking out all the finishing touches for the kitchen I had to prioritize my list. And frankly, backsplash wasn’t at the top of it. I wanted double ovens way more! Honestly, it hasn’t been a problem not having a backsplash, but it’s time that we start planning for them. Because I’m cheap, and I like the way that plank walls look, I’m seriously trying to persuade the hubby to install planks and chunky corbels rather than tile. We’ll see who wins!

4. Install Planks Around the Island.


This kind of ties in with the breakfast nook and backsplash for the kitchen, but I would really like to cover the little wall below our bar top with either planks, paneling or a different color paint. Personally, I think that planks would look really cool and they would tie the breakfast nook and the kitchen together nicely. We’ll see what comes of this.

5. Install Board and Batten Wall in Master Bedroom and Powder Room.

Master 1

I’m really excited about this one! Apart from me hanging a few things on the wall (then taking them down and leaving the nails up…) and buying window treatments, our bedroom hasn’t gotten any other attention. It’s sad when you think about it. The bedroom is one area that is considered to be peaceful and relaxing but ours needs lots of  TLC. Without putting too much effort into it, I can think of 6 unfinished projects/ ideas that are currently residing in our bedroom. Yes, I did say 6.

To add a little character, we’re planning on adding board and batten all the way to the ceiling on the wall behind our bed. It’s a focal point wall and I can’t wait to see it finished! This room will also get a whole lot of other DIY projects including pillow covers (to pillows you can’t see in the picture), art projects, floor lamp redo and a chair makeover.

And since we’ll be adding board and batten to the bedroom, I figure we might as well do another full wall in the powder room. I realize that I haven’t shown you the powder room yet- but I plan to! There’s lots of good stuff planned for that room too!

6. Master Bathroom Paint & Curtains.

Our master bathroom has needed a little TLC too. That’s probably why you haven’t seen much of it! After we moved in we found out that our shower had been leaking. The tile on the bench in the shower hadn’t been installed right and water had been finding it’s way into the bench and leaking out under the tile around the shower and vanity area. Our builder came back and fixed it, but it was rather intensive. They had to grind the thinset underneath the tile and relay most of the floor. Needless to say, this was extremely messy and DUSTY! Our walls have needed repainted ever since. No matter how many times I wash them, I still get dust. Repainting is the only way to go at this point. Plus, I love the color, but it’s not coordinating with the bedroom like I had hoped.

My other issue with the bathroom is that we lack proper curtains. I love the ones that we have now, but they aren’t the best for privacy. Luckily, we don’t have any neighbors, but I still worry about it and have been searching for thicker curtains!

I’d also love to figure out a backsplash for the bathroom as well. You guessed it- we don’t have a backsplash in their either!

7. Built In Book Shelves in the Dining Room.


I’m sure that this is completely wishful thinking, and I’m completely OK with that, but I would love to add a big wall of built in shelves to our dining room. No, I don’t want to convert the dining room to an office or sitting area, I just think that built in shelving is really cool. Especially in dining rooms. It’s slightly unexpected and they’re a great place to display all those pretty accessories I’ve been collecting!

8. DIY Outside Shutters and Window Boxes.

Front view

We have two windows on the front of our house. (And after searching for a picture of the front of the house, I can see that I need to update this! We have grass now! And more trees!) To spice up the front of the house and add a little more character, I really want to add some shutters and window boxes. We could add shutters to all the windows, but the two in the front are my main priority! And since Anthony and I both might faint when we have to drill into our siding, it could be a great idea to only start with two of them! I’d also like to paint the exterior of all our doors. Some of them didn’t get painted before we move in. Tisk Tisk…

9. More Landscaping.

path 1

2012 was a big year for landscaping. We installed a sprinkler system, seeded for grass, installed tons, literally, of gravel (not shown in the picture) and bought plants. I hope that we can continue to add a little bit of landscaping each year. Whether that’s additional plants or the boxwoods that I want to plant on either side of the walk-way, I want to add a little each year.  We’d also really like to add another tree to the front yard and possibly buy several more for a wind block on the west side of our house. We get wind- lots of wind!

10. Organization, Organization, Organization!

I won’t show you pictures of our closets. Mind you, they’re not that bad, just not where I want them. At heart I am an organization junkie! It makes my world a better place. There’s nothing worse than searching for something that you need. It’s my ultimate pet peeve. I have plans to redo the pantry, linen closet, master closet, laundry room, entry closet and office. We moved in quickly and I didn’t get a chance to put everything where I wanted. It needs a little help and the system could be much better!

There you have it! Those are my top 10 project goals for 2013. Of course, there will be loads of other projects in between them too. The wheels are spinning and I can’t wait to see how 2013 will turn out!

I hope you all will continue to follow along as we go from one project to the next!

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