Breakfast Nook Lighting

Like I mentioned in our 2013 project list, one of our goals is to finish the breakfast nook. After what seemed like a high and low search for the right light, I finally decided on one.

At first, I thought a drum light would be the way to go. I wanted something with a little “heftiness” and liked that they could stand on their own while not overwhelming the room. After searching for a reasonably priced drum light, I couldn’t find any that I really loved.

So, the search for a different light began. It was then that I fell hard for a lantern style light. While cruising around Home Depot I spotted it high on a shelf in the clearance section. Yes, you read that right, the clearance section! Originally priced at $147 and marked down to $37, we scored big time!

The only thing that I wasn’t 100% sure about was the finish of the light, but it was a risk that I was willing to take.

And boy am I glad we took the risk!

Breakfast Nook Light

It’s the perfect addition to the breakfast nook and I have a major crush on it. I’m almost like, “Hi. Welcome to our home. Check out our $37 light. Can I take your coat? Would you like to walk by our light?”

I have problems. 🙂

Breakfast Nook Light

This light has made me all sorts of excited to bring in darker accent pieces. My original plan was to move that lovely black mirror (that you can see behind the light), but I actually LOVE the way they both compliment each other.

Breakfast Nook Light

Honestly, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite rooms in the house. Probably because it reflects us. And that makes me happy.

Breakfast Nook Light

Next big update for this lovely little room is the drapes. You can kind of see them in some of the pictures, but I’ll show you more later. Plus, you’ll want to see where the breakfast nook drapes have ended up! They’re a perfect fit in the new room!

Let’s cross off another item on the to do list:

-Make a bench out of existing cabinets the full length of the window. Hopefully I can find the cabinets at Habitat for Humanity to save on cost. Fingers crossed!

-DIY a bench cushion.

-Hem curtains to allow for bench.

-Get new pedestal table. I’ve been searching Craigslist and think I might have found one on the cheap. Just a little paint and elbow grease and we’ll have a show stopper.

-Find new chairs for the table.

-Find & install a new light fixture.

-Make new DIY artwork.

-Find new rug.

-Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

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  1. Love it! 🙂 it’s beautiful! You are so lucky $37 only (from $147), oh! I need to go to HomeDepot , last time I went there was nothing interesting 🙁 It looks great in your breakfast nook, everything is coming out great 🙂 btw, those drapes look beautiful in your space too, can’t wait to read next post 😉

    1. Go! Go! I hope they still have it! Our Home Depot put them on the very top shelf on the end of the aisle by the lighting section. I hope you find one! 🙂

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