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Remember when I told you about the project goal list for 2013? Well, today we’re going to be exploring number # 3 on that list: Kitchen Backsplash.

Kitchen I The Wood Grain Cottage

When we built our house we had to decide on the areas where we wanted to splurge up front. Things like appliances, cabinets, stucco, rock work and real wood flooring were all on our list. Things that could be added over time weren’t as important.

For instance, I knew that I really wanted double ovens and they totally changed the layout of the kitchen, so we decided to include them in our budget. Double ovens are much easier to plan for up front, and we really weren’t interested in doing a total gut job on the kitchen anytime soon. Plus, I knew I would use them. Which I do. A lot.

And the stucco and rock work were things that we knew we would eventually do, but couldn’t bring ourselves to waste money on a cheaper temporary siding solution that would’ve costed over half of the price we paid for what we really wanted. Needless to say, we splurged on that too.

But there were other areas throughout the house that weren’t on our “must have” list, like the kitchen and bathroom backsplash for instance.

We have formica countertops, which are lovely, but we don’t plan on keeping them forever. I’d love to do a white granite, but it’s not in the budget right now, so why do a tile backsplash that will have to be ripped out when we replace the countertops? Sure, we could be a while out, and styles will probably change, but the practicality in us can’t justify doing an expensive backsplash when the countertops are temporary in our mind.

We just did the plank wall in the breakfast nook and it turned out better than I would have ever hoped and now we’re in the process of installing another one in the laundry room too. While we’re at it, why not use horizontal planks as our backsplash?

It’ll offer just enough texture to make me happy, while giving the crisp white look that I’m craving against our dark cabinets. A total win on both counts. Plus, it will break up the wall behind the cooktop and give it a bigger impact.

See what I mean? We need a backsplash…

Kitchen I The Wood Grain Cottage

Kitchen I The Wood Grain Cottage

Here’s what I’m thinking:



wooden plank walls (instead of tile)


plywood planks as backsplash.

I’m telling ya- the more that I see, the more that I like. Seriously. My heart it going pitter patter. Pitter. Patter.

So that’s the plan. I’m all jazzed up about it and can’t wait to show you some progress.

As a side note, I have a husband who is gearing up for a busy season of farming. And that, my friends, means that my more time consuming projects will come to an abrupt halt. *Tear*

I’m off to see if I can’t talk the hubby into making my ideas a priority.


Wish me luck? Promise?

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  1. I love the pics of the kitchen with the plank wall. For your kitchen, would you just do the backsplash area between the counter and cabinets? Or are you thinking the entire wall and backsplash? If the entire wall, will you end at the natural corners, around the doorways? I’m now thinking of doing this in my master bedroom and we have cathedral ceilings, too. Initially, I was considering just an area behind the bed, up to the ceiling, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe I should do the entire wall? Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

    1. Hi Corrinne! Thanks for the comment. I’m thinking that we will just do the area between the cabinets and countertops. That way when we get new countertops in the future, we can pull the planks off the wall and start fresh with a new backsplash. However, in your case an entire wall would be awesome and would add a wonderful element of texture behind your bed! 🙂 We LOVE how our plank wall turned out in the breakfast nook! It totally changed the vibe in the room.

      I hope that helps! 🙂


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