Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas

Ready to add Christmas cheer to your home? See my simple Christmas decorating ideas below for easy ways to bring the Christmas season into your home. 

I’ve been working my way through the house, decorating for Christmas and challenging myself to use what I already have, just in fresh new ways. Because I’m all about simple decorating, I thought I’d share several simple Christmas decorating ideas in case you’re also looking for easy ways to bring Christmas into your home… and to use what you already have! 

A picture of a faux wreath.

Last week I shared our red, white and gold Christmas tree, which really set the tone for decorating throughout the rest of our home. Little pops of red have shown up in several different areas, as well as faux garland and greens. The house feels so festive and cheerful! Below I’m sharing several things I’ve done this year to really transform our home. 


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Use Faux Garland & Greens

If you’ve followed the blog for awhile, you know I love real garland. It’s stunning, fresh and smells wonderful… but as soon as it starts to dry out, it makes an insane mess and I find myself questioning why I brought so much of it inside. I’m not saying I won’t ever use it again, I just wanted less mess to cleanup this year, which brings me to using faux garland and greens from my collection. 

I’ve collected several different pieces, be it wreaths, garland, faux trees or picks, giving me a nice assortment to choose from. 

A picture of faux greenery and a faux wreath.

Tip: Mix and match your greenery to create a lovely variety of textures!

Adding small, faux trees throughout the house always makes everything feel so cheerful. I bought this one several years ago from Ikea, but it’s still one of my favorite faux versions…

A picture of a small, faux tree in a ceramic vase.

I also hung up one of my faux greenery swags in the kitchen with my aprons. It instantly created such a fun element to the kitchen. And the red stripe on my grain sack apron looks perfect for the Christmas season…

A picture of faux greenery hanging with aprons.

This faux wreath continues to be one of my favorites… and it’s made from faux garland I cut up! I shared my tutorial here.

A picture showing my wreath made from garland.

Use Your Existing Candlesticks & Lanterns

Instead of switching out normal decorating items, like candlesticks or lanterns, leave them out, but incorporate them into new vignette’s. Just by adding faux garland, you can instantly transform any space to look like Christmas. 

A picture of black candle sticks with faux garland.

Tip: A vignette is a grouping of decor items gathered together to create a display on shelves, coffee tables, side tables, etc. 

A picture of lanterns used in a Christmas setting.

I hung up these cute little wreaths I’ve had for years on our dining room candle sconces. They add such a fun touch…

A picture of a faux wreath hanging on a candlestick.

Switch Out Pillow Covers & Throw Blankets

A fast, fresh way to decorate for different seasons and holiday’s, is to switch out pillow covers and throw blankets. The nice thing about having more neutral, seasonal pillow covers, is that you can use them multiple times throughout the year. They also don’t take up too much storage space.

This year, I bought two new pillow covers to add to my collection. This red velvet pillow cover is incredibly affordable and perfectly soft! The white cable knit covers are also beautiful and such great quality for the price. They’ll also work wonderfully well for several different seasons, always adding a cozy touch to any space they’re in. 

A picture of red, cream and plaid pillows on a couch.

Throw blankets are a great element to mix and match. I like to keep my throw blanket patterns more neutral and universal, making them work for any season or space I choose to layer them in. This year, I also added in this gorgeous white windowpane blanket (this one is similar) and I love how versatile it will be to use! Right now, I’m mixing it with my cable knit red blanket I found at Home Goods several years ago. 

Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns!

A picture of red, cream and plaid pillows on a couch.

Use Ribbon To Add Inexpensive Character

This year, I picked up a roll of this inexpensive satin ribbon to add little touches of red throughout the house. Not only is this a cheap way to elevate your decor, but it also adds such a beautiful, festive touch… and you can get basically any color to coordinate with your decor theme.

A picture of faux greenery with a red bow.

Tip: Add bows of ribbon to faux wreaths for a festive touch!

A picture of a wreath with a satin ribbon bow and copper bells.

I also tied ribbon on the new mistletoe I ordered. It’s such a fun addition to our kitchen window. (Side note: This mistletoe is one of my very favorite Christmas decor items!)

A picture of mistletoe hanging in the kitchen window.

Use Christmas Ornaments Throughout The House

A wonderful way to add Christmas cheer throughout the house, is to use Christmas ornaments! This inexpensive idea is so cheerful! Add them to bowls, vases or lanterns. They look amazing on open shelves, the coffee table, guest bathroom or the entry table. 

A picture of red Christmas ornaments in a wooden bowl.

Tip: Filling a large item? Pack the bottom with newspaper, then layer the ornaments on top! It will be our little secret! 

A picture of red Christmas ornaments on an open shelf.

Wrap Empty Boxes

Yes, you read that right! Wrapping empty boxes is a great way to add Christmas cheer! Be them big boxes, or little ones that you layer in a bowl, wrapped boxes bring such a beautiful touch to any space you choose to display them. Plus, you can match your wrapping paper to your decor easily!

A picture of wrapped gifts underneath the Christmas tree.
A picture of wrapped gifts under the tree.

I hope these simple Christmas decorating ideas help inspire you to decorate your home this Christmas season. Don’t be afraid to use what you have throughout your home, and forgotten items from your Christmas stash!

Next on my list, is decorating our front porch! I’m looking forward to adding touches of red outside too! 


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  1. Ideas for casual simple Christmas foyer decor that are easy, and take no time at all. Includes stairway garland a foyer table arrangement. A perfect upcycling project for the holidays and beyond! Turn those empties into beautiful frosted wine bottle centerpieces for your home or other event such as wedding or brudal shower.

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