The Best Flocked Christmas Trees

‘Tis the season to start shopping for a new Christmas tree! Since my very tall, beautiful, tree won’t fit in our home, I went on a big search to find the best flocked Christmas trees to replace the one I have. I loved my other tree… but with our home having 8’ ceilings, there’s no way we’d make it fit without it looking like a Clark Griswold tree shoved in the corner. That’s not necessarily what I had in mind, so… let’s talk flocked Christmas trees!

A picture of a large flocked Christmas tree and Shayna standing next to it.

First, let me just lay the ground work and let you know how picky I am about Christmas trees, especially flocked trees. They’re not all created equal in the way the flocking is dispersed, and the type of flocking on the tree. I prefer a flocked tree that looks like there’s natural snow laying on the branch, rather than a tree sprayed with white paint.

Now, let’s talk about tree shape… this is another major thing I look at when choosing a tree, be that fake or real. I like my tree to have a little character in the branch layout, and in how tight the branches are to one another. I don’t want it to be bare in spots, showing the trunk of the tree, but I also like a little gap here and there to hang larger ornaments or ornaments that need space to hang.

A picture of a flocked Christmas tree.

Tree size is another big thing to pay attention to, and you’ll see I’ve broken the trees down by height below. When I look for a tree, knowing the ceiling height is always important. In my case, since we have 8′ ceilings, I prefer to have a 7.5′ tree to fill the ceiling space, making the tree look a bit more grand in comparison to the room. However, there are some instances where shorter trees fit better.

A picture of a flocked Christmas tree.

I also know many of us have tight spaces where we can’t fit a really wide tree, which makes a slimmer tree seem like a better choice for the space. This is actually something we considered doing this year, but we opted to move the furniture around to better fit the regular tree size. If this isn’t something you can do, you may need to sacrifice on something, knowing your size limits.

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The Best Flocked Christmas Trees

9 Foot Tall Trees:

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7 to 7.5 Foot Tall Trees:

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5 to 6.5 Foot Tall Trees:

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3 to 4.5 Foot Tall Trees:

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Slim Trees:

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So, which tree did we end up going with? Well, after pulling out the tape measure and looking at our space options, we ended up buying this tree. It should arrive this week and I’m really excited to see it in person and start fluffing those branches!

I’ll be sharing more about how I decorate our tree and much more a little later! In the meantime, if you’re in need of a new tree, and you like one of the ones I’ve linked to, I’d recommend buying it early. Trees online sell out quickly… I know, because I tried to shop last year and we ended up using a mini tree because we didn’t want to buy one we didn’t love.

Happy Christmas tree shopping! 🙂

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A picture of Shayna holding the How Great Thou Art Pillow.


  1. Hi Shayna! I’m obsessed with your Christmas tree, it’s really pretty! I’m wondering about the wooden box stand that your tree is in. Did you make it? Did the stand fit inside or did you have to raise the tree stand to elevate it? I love the presence of the wooden box alongside of your tree! You’ve done a great job as usual!

    1. Thank you so much! We made the tree box custom for the tree. The tree stand does fit inside the box, and we added another riser box so that the tree stand would sit on top of that. I hope that helps! 🙂

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