Shop Our Christmas Collection!

I am so very excited to announce that you can now shop our Christmas collection!

After months, upon months of working on the launch for our Christmas collection, A Merry Little Christmas, I am so thrilled to say the collection is now live and ready for you to shop!

Each and every item is special and designed exclusively for this collection. My hope is that our Merry Little Christmas collection reminds you of the heart of Christmas, highlighting the traditions you’ve loved celebrating the most.

We have pillows, tea towels, a Christmas apron, recipe cards, gift tags and so much more!

Christmas Pillows

Named after my Great Grandma and one of her sisters, our Alta and Imogene Christmas pillows are the perfect, festive touch to your home. They are fabulous. We’ve tweaked and adjusted our pillows from the past to make them even better than before and the classic patterns will be wonderful year after year. They are sized to fit a 20×20 pillow insert and I really love the exposed gold zipper we included.

They truly are sister pillows and they go so well together.

A picture of our Alta pillow cover.
A picture of our Imogene pillow cover.


Alta Pillow Cover | Imogene Pillow Cover

Christmas Tea Towels

To keep with tradition, I included two of my very favorite Christmas songs and had them printed on our linen tea towels. Both of these songs have such a happy memory attached to them and I love that they focus on the true meaning of Christmas; Christ.

A picture of our Oh Holy Night Tea Towel

When designing them, I also wanted to give them a dual purpose… artwork! I love that these tea towels can be framed to hang in your kitchen or dining room. They also look fabulous draped over your kitchen sink, oven handle, or hanging on a hook.

A picture of our Christmas tea towel in a frame.


Oh Holy Night Tea Towel | Oh Come All Ye Faithful Tea Towel

Our Christmas Apron

Our Christmas apron is lovingly named after my Grandmother, Ellen. She taught me how to sew and the apron we’ve included in our collection is based off of the first apron we sewed together. The memories for this apron are strong, and while I’ve grown up with this apron always hanging on my kitchen hooks, we modified the already classic version to be even better. A piece of my heart will go with each and every apron!

A picture of Shayna and Ania.
A picture of Shayna wearing the Ellen Christmas Apron.


The Ellen Christmas Apron

Christmas Recipe Cards

We designed and printed our very own Christmas recipe cards too! This is honestly a passion project of mine and I couldn’t be happier with our first recipe card! I’ve had them professionally printed on a beautiful linen card stock and I’ve loved writing on, and using my own set! Trust me, there’s nothing better than seeing these treasured hand written recipe cards years from now!

A picture of our Christmas recipe cards.


Christmas Recipe Cards (Set of 15) | Digital Recipe Cards

Christmas Gift Tags

With our professionally printed recipe cards, I also had our custom gift tags printed as well. They are beautiful and will be such a perfect addition to your wrapped gifts. They’re also double sided, with the back side having enough extra space to include a thoughtful message.

A picture of our Christmas gift tags.


Christmas Gift Tags (Set of 15) | Digital Christmas Gift Tags

Digital Artwork

Included with the launch is also my first collection of digital artwork! You all know how much I love digital artwork and I’m so excited to be sharing my own photography for you to print and use in your own home!

I love that this artwork can be used throughout winter too! And each print pairs beautifully together! They come in a variety of sizes making it easy to print the size you need and pop it in your frame!

A picture of our digital artwork.


A Snowy Little Christmas One | A Snowy Little Christmas Two

A Snowy Little Christmas Three | A Snowy Little Christmas Four

Our Digital Christmas Planner

And to help keep you organized this holiday season, I also put together a digital Christmas planner! Every year I sit down to create spreadsheets, but this year I finally decided to share them! This planner is packed full of helpful pages for you to stay organized! There are multiples pages for budgeting, gift giving, parties, activities, meal planning and so much more! I truly hope this planner helps make this busy season less stressful!

A picture of our digital Christmas planner.


Merry Little Christmas Digital Planner

Because all of our items (besides the digital ones) are handmade locally, we have a very limited quantity of each product.

We’re also offering free shipping on the entire Christmas collection! You can also sign up below to save 10% off your first order!

I truly hope you love this collection as much as I do. It’s been such a joy to bring all of these items to life and I hope they make your Christmas traditions even more special!

Happy shopping… and don’t forget to tell your friends! 🙂

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