10 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen For Fall

Ready to decorate your kitchen for fall? I’m sharing ten easy ways to make your kitchen feel warm and inviting for the fall season!

During the fall season, I love to spend time in my kitchen cooking and baking. It’s a passion of mine. Oftentimes, I think the kitchen can be an area that is overlooked when it comes to decorating for the fall season. And while I always lean on the more simple, natural ways to decorate, I love adding fall touches to my kitchen.

A picture of our kitchen range with a dutch oven on the stove.

10 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen For Fall

When it comes to fall decorating, I’ve always been a firm believer that we should let mother nature show us the way. She does such a beautiful job and I love to use all of the natural elements she provides as a starting point. Things like fresh or faux leaves, pine cones, fall fruit (especially apples and pears!), pumpkins (little or big!) and of course, tree branch clippings are some of my favorite things to use as I start decorating my kitchen.

Below I’m sharing several of my favorite ways to decorate our kitchen for fall.

Add Fresh Tree Branch Clippings

You might be tired of hearing this from me by now (I probably sound like a broken record), but fresh tree branch clippings make a stunning addition to your home. They’re perfectly fitting for any season, but I especially love to clip tree branches when the leaves are just starting to turn in color.

I love placing them in vases all throughout the house, varying them in size and fullness, but I especially love adding a vase of them into our kitchen.

They always last a few weeks and then I collect them in a trash bag once the leaves are starting to fall off the stem.

A picture of tree branch clippings in a white vase.

Bonus! They’re also a free way to decorate your kitchen!

Create A Fall Cooking Space

I love to create a fall cooking space next to my cooktop. I use a tray to corral all of the items together and I love having all of my favorite kitchen tools right where I need them.

In my space, I’ve added a collection of wooden spoons (I have them in different shapes and sizes) into my utensil caddy, as well as my favorite French rolling pin and our antique bread knife.

I also have our olive oil dispensers right there, salt and pepper shakers, plus a jar of French sea salt, and my spoon rest.

I also just started keeping my garlic in this marble and glass cloche and I’m seriously in love with it…

A picture of my cooking area with wood spoons, oil dispensers and more.

This space makes me incredibly happy.

Add Fall Soap & Candle Scents

Adding in fall scents, be it with soap by your kitchen sink, or with a new candle, is such an uplifting way to make your kitchen feel cozy and to really embrace the fall season.

I always look forward to switching out my kitchen scents to those yummy fall scented items. There are so many delicious fall scents and I love to place a candle in our kitchen window.

Add Copper Accessories To Your Kitchen

My copper jam pan has brought on a serious love of copper. I leave it sitting out year round, but it’s especially beautiful during the fall season. Copper adds such a warm touch and it almost always adds a statement piece to your kitchen.

A picture of my copper jam pan sitting on the stove.

Add New Fall Kitchen Towels & Linens

Fall is also the perfect time to switch out your kitchen towels and linens to fit the season. I love adding texture into my kitchen and tea towels are a great way to change the atmosphere to feel more like fall. I also love to display my fall aprons on our apron wall and I look forward to rotating all of my favorite items to keep the house feeling fresh!

A picture of our apron wall in the kitchen.

Add Fall Fruit To A Pretty Bowl

We always have fresh fruit sitting on the counter, but during the fall, I especially love to have apples and pears in a pretty bowl. This year, I treated myself to this large ceramic colander and I couldn’t love it more!

You could also use a dough bowl for this too!

A picture of my whiter ceramic calendar.

Add A New Kitchen Rug

A new rug always seems to freshen up your space, no matter the season. This fall, I treated out kitchen (and myself) to this washable rug. We’re going into the busiest cooking and baking season of the year, so I’m excited to have a washable rug where I don’t have to worry so much about spills.

A picture of our new kitchen rug.

Add A Fall Wreath To Your Vent Hood 

Now that we have our vent hood finished, I look forward to adding a wreath to our kitchen. Our vent hood is the perfect place to hang one and it really sets the tone in the kitchen.

Decorate Your Open Shelves

I really, truly love our open shelves, but we mainly just keep our white dishes on them. With that said, I do like to add a few fall items from time to time.

Some of my favorite ways to decorate them are with pine cones, dried leaves, greenery and fall artwork. (You can find my favorite fall digital art work here!)

A picture of our open shelves with white dishes on them.

Create A Fall Centerpiece

I love to create a fall centerpiece, be it on your kitchen island, or just a place on your kitchen countertops. In our kitchen, I use a low basket to keep everything in place. In it, I keep my favorite recipe books, and my recipe box, a big colander full of fruit and a vase of tree branch clippings.

It creates such a beautiful focal point in our kitchen.

Don’t have a low basket? You could also use a spare serving tray instead!

A picture of recipe books and a bowl of apples in a large oval basket.

My Favorite Things To Decorate Your Kitchen With For Fall 

Below I’ve included several of my favorite kitchen items to decorate with for fall. The beautiful thing about the fall season, is how easy and affordable it can be!

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I hope all of these fall decorating ideas have inspired you to spread the love into your kitchen. I look forward to switching our kitchen over every year!

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