A Merry Little Christmas Holiday Planner


After years of making spreadsheets and lists to keep organized during the Christmas season, we set out to create a holiday planner that would help organize even the most unorganized person. 

This 43 page digital planner includes everything you could think of… and more! From gift tracking, to budgets and party planning, to baking and Christmas cards, this planner will keep you on track and organized throughout the holiday season!


For best results, we recommend printing the planner on a light cardstock paper. To keep all the pages organized, you can hole punch the pages for a three ring binder, or take it to your local paper works store to have it bound together (that’s what we did!). 

Inside, you’ll find:

• Christmas Planner Cover Page
• November Calendar
• December Calendar
• Cover Pages For Each Section

• Christmas Eve Planner
   ◦  Christmas Eve Meal Planner
   ◦  Christmas Eve Grocery List

• Christmas Day Planner
   ◦ Christmas Meal Planner
   ◦  Christmas Grocery List
   ◦  Guest List Planner
   ◦  Christmas To-Do List
   ◦  Extra Notes
• Gift Giving Planner
   ◦  Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Shopping Planner
   ◦  Child Gift Planner
   ◦  Spouse Gift Planner
   ◦  Stocking Stuffers
   ◦  Family Gift Planner
   ◦  Friends Gift Planner
   ◦  Online Shopping Tracker

• Holiday Party Planner
   ◦  Party Planner 
   ◦  Party Meal Planner
   ◦  Guest List Planner
   ◦  Guest Addresses Planner
   ◦  Party Grocery List
   ◦  Party To-Do List
   ◦  Editable Holiday Party Invitation

• Christmas Budget Pages
   ◦  Gift Budget
   ◦  Decorating Budget
   ◦  Party Budget
   ◦  Food Budget
   ◦  Miscellaneous Budget

• Christmas Activity Planner
   ◦  Christmas Baking Planner
   ◦  Christmas Traditions
   ◦  Christmas Bucket List
   ◦  12 Days of Giving

• Christmas Card Planner
   ◦  Christmas Card Address Planner

This is a digital file only. No printed items will be delivered. 
You can print as many copies of each page as you need. 
You will receive an editable version of the holiday invitation to customize it for your needs!

3” tall x 1 3/4” wide
Set of 15 printed gift tags. 

This digital item cannot be reproduced, redistributed or resold.