Our New Stair Handrail

 See how our new stair handrail has completely updated our home. Visible from nearly every space in the house, it’s amazing how this update changed the overall look of our home. 

We’ve finally done it! Out with the old and in with the new! Our new stair handrail is installed and I can’t believe what a difference it’s made for our home. Since we bought the house, we’ve had a rickety handrail with broken spindles. Apart from the fact that it wasn’t very sturdy, it was also a complete eyesore. 

Like, 1980 called and wanted its handrail back. I gave it a mini makeover shortly after we moved in and painted it black (black paint fixes nearly everything) and it definitely helped, but that’s about it. Even black paint couldn’t hide it.

Early last year we replaced our stair treads, and with that transformative project out of the way, it was time to install a new handrail! After much debate about what we wanted to do, and how we wanted it to look, we ended up hiring this project out. Our list is long and this was an easy project to let our handyman tackle. 

Our New Stair Handrail

Let’s go back in time though and see where we started. Here’s how the handrail looked right after we moved into the house…

A picture of the old stair handrail.

A total beaut, right? I did what I could to fix it, caulking the broken spindle back together and then painting it all black. We also replaced our stair treads, which instantly made things look better, but it still wasn’t finished…

A picture of the old stair handrail.

But… here we are today, in all our glory… let’s celebrate!

A picture of our new stair handrail.

The difference is quite dramatic…

[one-half-first]A picture of the old stair handrail.[/one-half-first]

[one-half]A picture of our new handrail.[/one-half]

Starting out, I knew I wanted the newel post and handrail to tie in with the stair treads, so we used the same wood on all of it (red oak) and stained it all the same color, Jacobean by Minwax. 

With our flooring being quite a bit lighter and hard to match, the dark wood accents really pull it all together…

A picture of our finished stair handrail.

When designing how it would look, I browsed around at all of our different options for replacement parts, and in the end we bought everything in store at our local Home Depot. 

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I love how the square metal balusters turned out. I really didn’t want to add “shoes” to the balusters, making it look more cluttered, so it was quite the process for our handyman to get the square holes cut and exact, but he did a great job!

A picture of our finished stair handrail.

The mix of the traditional newel post and more modern square balusters really tie in nicely with the house, which is what I wanted. It needed to fit in with everything else, and the house style…

A picture of the finished stair handrail.

Mission completed, because the house flows together beautifully and we have a handrail that accents everything else. 

A picture of our finished stair handrail.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to check another project off our 2021 project goal list! I feel like we’re on a roll and I’m not mad about it! Haha.

A picture of our finished stair handrail.

More fun updates to come… we’re really just getting started! 


  1. That looks so awesome! Can you give us a ballpark cost? Looking for ways to update the railings on a loft. I love what you did.

  2. Oh my word- what a huge transformation!

    You picked your style and stains perfectly. It all looks so GREAT together!!!!

    Very well done, love it.

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