Red, White & Gold Christmas Decorating Plan

Looking for Christmas decorating inspiration? See our red, white & gold Christmas decorating plan and how I’ll be incorporating it throughout our home. 

Believe it or not, this year I’m adding red into our Christmas decor! As a lover of neutral colors, I haven’t had red in my decor in several years, but I woke up the other day and decided the house needed something fresh and new… and vibrant. Bring on the red! To go with it, I’ll be adding in plenty of white and gold too, and I’m loving the color combo already!

I think I’m most excited to decorate our flocked tree. And even though Ania won’t remember her first Christmas at just five months old, there’s something magical about having the house all decked out for her. I can’t wait to see her eyes when she sees the Christmas tree all lit up! The fun is just beginning and we’re excited!

To help you get started this year, be it with inspiration or specific items, I thought I’d share several of the elements we’ll be using around the house to create our Christmas home. Like always, I try hard to use existing decor items I already own, as well as things from my collection of Christmas decor. Here’s what I’m thinking…

Red, white and gold Christmas decorating plan

A collection of Red, White & Gold Christmas Decorations

I’m excited to be repurposing several things in fun new ways to keep things fresh. With that said though, last year I went through a big purge of all my Christmas decor items and I’m looking forward to adding a few key pieces we can continue to love and use for many years to come. It’s also time to buy some red pillow covers too!

Last year we bought our flocked Christmas tree, and I shared a big round up of my favorite flocked Christmas trees. I also bought some clip on candle lights and I loved the extra lighting and character they added to our tree…

A picture of the candle lights on our Christmas tree.

This year, I’m planning on adding one more layer of lighting with these twinkle lights. I’m really looking forward to watching the little lights twinkle at night!

I’m also looking forward to framing this A Christmas Carol print, which has the full text on one page…

A picture of A Christmas Carol Print

This exact version isn’t available anymore, but this is a similar option.

My plan right now, is to frame it and layer it with my favorite snowy tree scene I printed a few years ago and used in my last house…

A picture of my favorite snowy tree print.

I also fell hard for this brass leaf and glass bead version of mistletoe! How beautiful is this?! I’m really looking forward to adding it to my Christmas collection and using it for years to come as a staple piece!

A picture of the brass leaf and glass bead mistletoe.

And of course, we had to get Ania her own stocking. A few years ago, Todd and I bought our stockings from Crate and Barrel. Unfortunately, they don’t have those exact ones available anymore, but I loved the size and how long the stockings were, so to match the size, we bought Ania the current version they have available.

Her’s is a different knit pattern, but I kind of love how it makes her stocking distinct and how they’ll all coordinate together. These stockings are a little bit more expensive, but they are big and the quality is terrific. Plus, they’ll be used and loved for a really long time, making it easier to justify the cost since I won’t be swapping them out as often!

In my mind, I’m really saving money in the long run!

A picture showing our knitted Christmas stockings.

Todd and I also have a tradition of collecting a picture frame ornament every year, and this year it’s dedicated to baby girl! The best thing about 2020 has easily been Ania!

A picture of Baby's First Christmas Ornament.

And there you have it! I’m looking forward to pulling out the Christmas totes and getting started. My plan is to start decorating this week, and then sharing all about it here on the blog. Happy times ahead!

Take The Tour

See how everything came together in our 2020 Christmas home tour!

A picture showing how my red, white and gold Christmas tree looks.

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