A Big How Great Thou Art Pillow Pre-Sale!

I am so excited so share some big news with you today, and it involves one of your very favorite pillows! A few years ago, you may remember when I started selling the fan-favorite How Great Thou Art pillow. You all loved them so much, I couldn’t keep them in stock.

A Big Pillow Pre-Sale by The Wood Grain Cottage

Then, with all the changes I went through personally over the last few years, I wasn’t sure when or if I’d be opening my online shop back up, or if I’d ever sell my designs again. That didn’t stop the e-mails from rolling in, filled with requests that I start selling this pillow again. I heard you, loud and clear, I just wasn’t sure when the timing would be right. 

A Big Pillow Pre-Sale by The Wood Grain Cottage

Now that life has settled down, and the blog is back up and going, these past few months I’ve sat down and really tried to figure out how to start small with the online shop, but still offer the best selling How Great Thou Art pillow. And now, I’m so happy to say, we’ve decided to do a big How Great Thou Art pillow pre-sale!

That’s right, starting on Friday, October 25th, we’re going to open up the online shop for two weeks to take pre-sale orders!

The pre-sale will only be open for two weeks, with the sale, and shopping cart, closing on Friday, November 8th. If you want to order a pillow, now’s the time! We’ll be sewing each pillow to order, and pillows will start shipping December 5th, just in time for Christmas! If you want to order a pillow as a gift, we can also ship it for you, with a handwritten message included. 

I’m so excited to be offering these pillows again, even if it is for a limited time! The messages I’ve received regarding this pillow are amazing. Some of them have even brought tears to my eyes as you’ve described how much this pillow means to you. It makes me incredibly happy to know you love it as much as I do.

My mission has always been to help others create a home they love… a home they can’t wait to spend time in, and a place that reflects their heart. A pillow may be just a pillow to many people, but this pillow won’t ever just be a plush décor item sitting on your bed or couch. It’s more… much more. It’s the memory of your mom or dad singing that song as you grew up. It’s the song you sang as you gathered around your son while he took his last breath. It’s the song you cried out as you worshipped and praised the Lord, in good times or bad.

A Big Pillow Pre-Sale by The Wood Grain Cottage

No, this pillow will never be just a pillow. It’s a part of your story. And it’s a part of mine too. It means something.

So, if you’ve been wanting one of these for yourself, or to give as a gift, be sure to mark your calendar for Friday, October 25th. I’ll also be reminding you as we get a little bit closer, but just know, we can’t wait to ship you one of these pillows!


  1. I seriously set my alarm clock to get this pillow ordered when it first hit the market and it was sooooo worth it. It is truly one of my favorite items I own and the quality compares to none! Yes, this is a daily reminder of my dad and the song was sung at his funeral as it was his favorite hymn. I smile when I see it daily. Thank you!!!!

  2. it looks like a great pillow with a great message. can you give us more details such fabric, dimensions, color, price, etc? Thanks!

  3. Yes, it reminds my childhood singing this Hymn ! How can we forget? He was Great, He is Great and will still be Great!
    In times of trials this song comes and brings peace to my heart!
    I will order one pillow! Depends on price! ?
    I live in England! Is it going to cost too much!
    I am so so happy for you online store! Happy só see you smiling again! Being happy!
    God is Good, beautiful Shayna

  4. Yes, I’m going to want 2 of these pillows. My grandmama sang this song at a many of funerals, so I want 1 for my Aunt & 1 for myself. My mama would have loved this too.

  5. Please send me an email when you are opening up your site to sell this pillow!
    So excited. Like others this brings back childhood memories with my grandmother.

    1. Hi Diane! I will be sharing the full product details and pricing this week! I have added you to my e-mail list so you’ll get notifications when it goes live! 🙂

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