Black Tile In The Laundry Room

See our new black tile in the laundry room! We’re sharing a progress update and how much we love our new tile!

When Todd and I were dreaming up the design plan, the one thing we were both really excited about, was the installation of black tile in the laundry room. We both loved the look and the texture it would bring into the room. 

The Laundry Room Design Plan by The Wood Grain Cottage

I mentioned before that with the push to move in at the end of the month, we had several things we were hiring out to speed up the process. Since neither of us have tiling experience, we really didn’t want to try and attempt it with such a time crunch in place… not to mention, the upstairs bathroom still needed tiled as well. 

With so many things to do, we decided to let a professional handle the job… and we’re so glad we did because this “simple” job turned into something more complicated when we discovered that the floor wasn’t at all level and that it needed to have floor leveler poured over it to create a level playing field that wouldn’t crack the tile as we walked on them. We let the guys handle it, and the end result was very worth it!

We went with the Montaulk Black 12″x24″ Stone Tile. Not only is it lovely, but the price was right. We couldn’t be happier with how it looks…

Black Tile In The Laundry Room

Black Tile In The Laundry Room by The Wood Grain Cottage

Needless to say, we love the outcome…

Black Tile In The Laundry Room by The Wood Grain Cottage
Black Tile In The Laundry Room by The Wood Grain Cottage

There’s so much variation in the texture on the tile. Some of it is smooth, and some of it has a more variated texture. I wanted the grout lines to be as seamless and minimal as possible, so we matched the color as close to the tile as possible. This charcoal grout was perfect. 

Black Tile In The Laundry Room by The Wood Grain Cottage
Black Tile In The Laundry Room by The Wood Grain Cottage

Having the tile installed has given us such a rush of excited motivation. As if we weren’t already excited enough, just knowing the room has already transformed from this… well, it makes it all the better!

Introducing The Willow House by The Wood Grain Cottage

Painting and cabinet installation coming right up! 


  1. I really love the look of your tile. Can’t wait to see the room finished. This is exciting to see how you are transforming this ugly duckling into a beautiful home.always look forward to seeing each new look.

  2. Loving black tile myself. I’m building and going back and forth between black tile (maybe hexagon) or the trendy black and white tile look for my laundry room. I really think black will win out.

  3. Love your tile choice, as it has a more upscale “slate” look to it. I agree that the grout color was a great choice. I look forward to seeing your end result. Congrats on your recent nuptials. May you both enjoy this new journey of love and home design.

  4. any updates? I have the same tiles in my laundry room and am at the same stage as this post!

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