New Walls In The Laundry Room

In order to make the downstairs bedroom into the new laundry room, we had to separate the space from the previous closet by adding a wall. We also needed to have a way to bring plumbing and electric into the room without tearing into the existing walls and causing additional dry wall repair. 

Demo'ing The Laundry Room by The Wood Grain Cottage

Because we want to move in at the end of the month, there were certain things we were willing to hire out that would speed up the process. One of them being, building the new walls in the laundry room. I didn’t get to take pictures of the entire process since I couldn’t be there all day while they were working, but you can imagine my excitement when I saw this…

A new wall that officially separates the two rooms!

New Walls In The Laundry Room by The Wood Grain Cottage

We had plumbing access in the former closet, so the plumber was able to bring plumbing in and anchor it to the concrete stem wall that runs along the lower half of the walls. Ideally, it would have been nice to have all of the plumbing and electrical installed in the existing wall, but because there was no way were touching that concrete stem wall, we decided to have a new wall built out from the existing one.

New Walls In The Laundry Room by The Wood Grain Cottage

The plumbing for the washer was on the south end wall of the room, so we needed the wall to wrap around the room…

New Walls In The Laundry Room by The Wood Grain Cottage

We have plans on how we’re going to finish off the exposed wall once we have the cabinets installed (I’ll be sharing that soon), but progress feels so good! 

With the walls built, the next step is tiling! 


  1. You two are wasting no time and moving right along!! Do you both also have full-time jobs? It’s amazing how much you get done!!

    1. We do have full time jobs! We really want to move in, so we’re spending every spare second getting as much done as we can in order to move in!

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