Easy Baby Shower Decor

Yesterday I shared how I made the lovely floral letter, and today I’m showing the simple way I decorated for my cousin’s baby shower a few weeks ago.

I have to admit though, that I completely forgot to take pictures once I had everything set up. It wasn’t until lunch had been served and we were doing dishes that I realized I had completely spaced the pictures…

Sometimes I amaze myself at how put together I am… ha!

So, before we had everything completely put away and tidied up, I grabbed an extra plate and took a few pictures. Thus, this isn’t exactly what it looked like, but it’s pretty close. Just imagine the entire breakfast nook table, and dining room table, with a place setting at each seat.

For the table, we used fresh flowers (from the grocery store), and picked bouquets that matched my floral O, and our invitations…

Easy Baby Shower Decorating by The Wood Grain Cottage

I also bought two sequin table runners for each table…Easy Baby Shower Decorating by The Wood Grain CottagePlease note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which allows us to make a small commission from your purchase, but your purchase price stays the same. Thank you for helping support our blog! We greatly appreciate it! 

I love how they added that simple feminine touch, while still being a neutral back drop for the table. These are the two I bought:


Rose Gold

These big, beautiful chargers are from IKEA. I loved their whimsy, almost bloom like quality…

Easy Baby Shower Decorating by The Wood Grain Cottage

They were also a perfect backdrop for the dishes…

Easy Baby Shower Decorating by The Wood Grain Cottage

I also decided to use my green water goblets. I found them at a garage sale a few years ago, and they were perfect for the table.

Easy Baby Shower Decorating by The Wood Grain Cottage

And just in case you’re in the market for some super sweet baby shower invitations, these are what I used, complete with the sweet “bring a book” card. I loved them and had them printed at our local print shop. I even had them print the addressed envelops for me. 🙂

Easy Baby Shower Decorating Ideas by The Wood Grain Cottage

As you can see, the invitations were what I based the entire shower around… I was absolutely thrilled I was able to have the big floral O be so close to the invitations…

Baby Shower Decorating by The Wood Grain Cottage-7716

So, that’s what we did for the shower. I didn’t go over board, but it was still very nice.

Hopefully this helps you with any baby showers you may be hosting. 🙂

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  1. Soo pretty!! I’m not using your exact invitation but it inspired me for one I need to send out. I didn’t know how to handle “gifts”…. I loved the wording on your book request. I’m going to use it for a celebration that’s not a baby shower!!!
    I loved the table settings. You were very fortunate to find all those gorgeous goblets!!! How wonderful when we use our homes for entertaining isn’t it?!!

  2. Because in real life, when you are hosting an event, it’s about the guests, etc… I completely get it. I think most of the lavish parties & spreads you see photographed are faux, and for inspiration. Not day of, when you are playing hostess 🙂

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