Why You Need To Find Your Style

A few years ago, I wrote two blog posts (here and here) all about how to find your decorating style. Little did I know, those two blog posts would spur on several other ideas. My e-book, which is set to launch on Monday, May 30th, is all about HOW to find your style, but I know there’s an important back story to the e-book that needs to be shared.

Home is so much more than a house… it’s ours. I know the “how” of finding your style can be frustrating, hard and overwhelming, but here’s WHY you need to find your style.

Why You Need To Find Your Style by The Wood Grain Cottage

Decorating is so much more than, well, decorating. Even if you think you’re the worst decorator in the history of ever, it’s important to know you’re not. You can decorate, and you need to decorate. Chances are, if you’re here reading my blog, you already have an interest in making your home a prettier, happier place. 

But what if decorating set the tone for your home in a way you hadn’t imagined? What if it made everyone who entered your home feel even more welcomed? What if it made you even more welcoming? 

Having a beautiful home not only boosts your confidence, and the confidence of your family, but it also makes the center of your home, and the foundation that much stronger. And no, it’s not because your home is filled to the brim with your latest decor purchases. 

Decorating, or finding your style isn’t about spending an obscene amount of money… shocking I know. No, decorating is simply spreading the love you have throughout your home. By sharing our love and passion for home, we not only create a completely different atmosphere, but it spreads a warmth and love that can’t be duplicated. There’s something about it that makes you feel welcomed. It makes you feel comforted… and wanted. 

When I first started my decorating journey to find my style, I simply wanted a better home for Anthony and I. Being self taught at decorating, I wanted to see growth, and to know our home was the best foundation it could possibly be. Having a good, happy home life is crucial for so many different things, and I was (and am) very passionate about creating a space that encouraged the best possible home life. It wasn’t about the projects, the new furniture or the accessories. It was about building a home that made us flourish . 

So, why do you need to find your style? 

Well, simply because having a welcoming home you love, and one you put your heart into, makes the difference. It builds the foundation for every other thing you wish to accomplish in your home… and that’s saying something considering how much time we all spend at home. It’s so much more than a place to rest, but instead an intrical part of life. Home should make us feel welcomed, happy, secure, safe and wanted. 

Why You Need To Find Your Style by The Wood Grain Cottage

By finding your style, and decorating out of love for your family and your home, you’re not only spreading the joy and love that you have, but you’re also creating a better place for your family. Decorating a pretty home doesn’t require you to have a ton of money (in fact I know of some very lovely homes that have been done on a tight budget), but instead it’s about the feeling you’re spreading throughout your home.

Whether you agree or not, we as woman set the tone for our home. Our moods directly effect everyone who enters our home, whether we like it or not. If we’re comfortable and welcoming, everyone else will be too. But if our home isn’t something we love or enjoy, we won’t share anything other than a masked frustration.

So if you’ve felt discouraged with your home, or how you’re portraying it to your family, or even if you want some new ideas, my e-book will drastically help. 

Why You Need To Find Your Style by The Wood Grain Cottage

I love home, and my greatest desire is for you to love your home as much as I do… it’s the foundation for a countless number of things. And if you’re looking for some practical reasoning, here you go:

  1. You’ll spend less money when you know what your style is. You won’t feel the pressure of buying decorating items, only to hate them when you get them home. (I did that!)
  2. Your home won’t feel “awkward”. Just by knowing where and how to put things, you’ll instantly alleviate a lot of the awkward feelings you have to your home. 
  3. You’ll know what works for you, and your family. If you’re tired of spending money on items you’re not quite sure about, that will change. After finding you’re style you’ll know what you like, and what you don’t.
  4. You won’t feel afraid to make changes in your home. And you shouldn’t feel like that. Your home is yours. Period. 
  5. Your family and friends will feel more welcomed! It’s true, and I know I’ve said it a few times, but what an impact decorating makes on those around us.
  6. You’ll have more pride for yourself and your home. It’s amazing what a pretty home can do for our self-esteem. Being proud of what you have is essential. 
  7. You’ll notice a difference in your family. A happy mom, wife, etc., makes everyone else happy. When you love home, they’ll love home too. 
  8. You’ll spend less money! I know I listed this above, but it’s really that true. You’ll know what you like… Really. And that makes your husband, and budget, really happy. 

I can’t wait until my e-book launches in two weeks… I am so anxious to help as many of you as I possibly can! 🙂

Home is so much more than a place… it’s a feeling. So let’s create the best possible home we can. 

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