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If you’ve ever wondered what a few of my favorite things were, be that home decor, personal items, or things for DIY, then today is your day! I’m sharing my current favorites below.

Now, before I list the items, I want to say that these are all items I use almost daily. In the future I may share other favorite items, without actually ever owning them, but today is not that day. The items below are tried and true things that I love! I also haven’t put a constraint on the type of items… you’ll see a pretty nice mix. Everything from jewelry that I wear, to organizing supplies, DIY supplies, and even my favorite music and movies. It’s all below. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

February 2016

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Let’s start with the first item on the list (left to right):

The Hallmark Movie “All Of My Heart“: I wish I could tell you the actual (correct) number of times I’ve watched this movie. I set it to record on our DVR the first time it aired last year. I love a good wholesome movie, and this hits the mark for me every time. If I like something, be it a song or a movie, I’ll watch it on repeat over and over, and over again. This is one of those movies for me… and it’s all about fixing up a house! I LOVE it!

Starbucks Venti Cup: My sister in law got me one of these cups after I told her I needed to drink more water. She carries one with her everywhere she goes, which I loved, so she got me one too. I do like to splurge on Starbucks occasionally, and I love this cup. For some reason, the idea of drinking more water everyday has really stuck with me. I fill this up at least 3 to 4 times a day. It fits great in my truck cup holder, and it’s easy to carry around. LOVE it!

Glass Canisters: If you’ve read this blog for a while, or saw pictures of our kitchen, you’ll already know that I have 4 of them on our countertops. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they hold the perfect amount! Since I’m gluten free, I can make a big batch of flour, store it in the container, and not feel the need to constantly make a new batch every time I want to bake something. I use them for flour (gf), sugar, oats and rice. LOVE them!

Acrylic Drawer Organizers: This was a recent purchase because I wanted to organize the cabinet beneath our kitchen sink. I had magic erasers, sponges and scrubbing items taking over. The madness had to stop, and it did, with these. I like them because I can stack them on top of each other to clear up value space, but still see exactly what’s in the drawers, or if I’m running low on something. I only bought one set, but will defintely be buying another one. The only con I have (which is minor), is that they want to slide a little bit when they’re stacked. This is an easy fix though just by using tape, or a command strip. I LIKE them ( a whole lot!!)!

Watch: This beauty was actually a Christmas gift from Anthony, and he did a fabulous job, even if I did show it to him beforehand. 🙂 I wear it anytime I leave the house, and choose not to wear it at home when I’m working on DIY projects. I absolutely love the color combination. The gray wrist band, and the gold/ copper-ish (Rose-Gold Tone) metal. It goes with any outfit, and is comfortable to wear! LOVE it!

Wire Basket: I’ve had this basket for a few months, and bought it intending to use it on our bathroom shelves (long before we had them!). It’s the perfect size for our shelves, and I’m going to purchase a few more for the house. I love the wire pattern and the copper handles! LOVE it!

Twist Ties: Oh my. I can’t say enough great things about these little guys. They’re the perfect tie, as they are completely flexible and will “mold” to fit any item you need to tie. We love them for keeping our extension cords neat and tidy. They’ve been a game changer for our shop, and they’re so versatile! LOVE them!

Gold Stud Earrings: I wear these earrings almost every single day. I’ve always been a simple girl when it comes to jewelry accessories, and these earring are perfect for adding a subtle element to my style. You can ask Anthony all about them, because he hears how much I love them all the time. Poor guy. 🙂 LOVE them!

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker: If there was ever an item that I pack throughout the house wherever I go (besides my phone and venti Starbucks cup), it would be this Bose speaker. It connects to my phone by Bluetooth, so I have music wherever I go, which makes me a happier person. I love music, always have, and this is the perfect way to listen to it. I take it down to our shop to work on projects, up to the loft to box up orders from our online shop, to the kitchen when I make dinner, and to the bathroom when I’m getting ready for the day. This item is a necessity. I use it every day, all day! I LOVE IT!

Husky Tote & Parachute Bag: This was a purchase Anthony and I made a few months back while we were in Home Depot. Anthony actually spotted it, and I knew it was the perfect solution to my household tool cabinet. If you would have seen that cabinet in person (be glad you didn’t, or something could have fallen on your head), you would have been as anxious as I was to “find” (all credit goes to Anthony on this one) this tote and parachute bag. Once we got it home, I immedietly filled it up with all of my miscellaneous household tools. The tote fits everything like a champ, and I was able to use the bag to hold all of my command strips (it has dividers in the bag… brilliant!), and it was the perfect solution for holding random parts that floated on the cabinet shelves. Life is much better, and anytime I have a project, I grab my tote and go on my happy little way. There’s no more searching for a certain item, or dodging something that’s falling. LOVE it!

Joey & Rory “Inspired” CD: I cannot even express my overwhelming sadness over the health of Joey. My prayers are with them, and I think of them all the time. Their music is some of my absolute favorite, and I love listening to their distinct duo. Joey’s voice is absolutely breathtaking, and their music pulls my heart strings. It’s clean, wholesome, inspiring, compelling, soulful, Gospel, Christian music. It sings to my soul, and I want more. I love all of their music, but their “Inspired” CD is what I’ve been listening to on repeat for several days. I love their version of “In The Garden” (wow!), “Long Line Of Love” (perfection), “Amazing Grace” (wow!), “Gotta Go Back” (pulls on my heart strings), “Leave It There” (exactly). Basically this entire CD is amazing… and let’s not even get me started on “That’s Important To Me” from this CD. It’s also on repeat! I LOVE THIS!

I hope some of these items become your new favorites! 🙂

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  1. I just listened to Joey and Rory singing “I’ll fly away” and cried. What an amazing couple.

    On a lighter note, I have that Venti cup and LOVE it. Mostly because I am a bit of a germ-a-phobe and it can all come apart and be cleaned!!!!

  2. I love hearing about other people’s favorite things, and some best ‘finds’ were found by someone else first! I’m really interested in checking out some of your favorites (movie & music for starters)!
    Thank you for sharing and keep the favorites lists coming!

  3. I just love this post of your favorite things! Some are already my favorites also, and I’m sure others soon will be. I was curious what combination of flours make up your gluten free flour.

  4. You made me feel like crying by sharing the Cd & what you wrote about Joey + Rory. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing them as one of your favorite things! 🙂

  5. Ah, we are kindred spirits, Shayna! I love that movie also. Did you see the Christmas movie they made on Hallmark? There’s a nice chemistry going on between those two – in the movies, anyway. You’ve Got Mail used to be my go to repeat movie. Now I switch between that and Leap Year.

    Joey and Rory – can I tell you how much I cried after watching them on the Gaither special/infomercial. Oh man…breaks my heart. They just have such precious spirits and their faith is so inspiring. You can surely see God’s presence in their life. I pray some how she can still beat it. Maybe they came across some info on the ketogenic diet and perhaps it will help her as it has helped many. I pray so. Have a wonderful week and great post!

  6. I’m so glad I could be the one to get you addicted to the fabulousness of the Starbucks Cold Cups and be a small part of your favorite things. They have become part of my identity now and I love them.
    xoxo Love ya lil Sis.

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