New Light In The Master Bathroom

Today it’s all about our new light in the master bathroom. Little by little, we’ve made progress fixing it up. The bathroom that sat unfinished for months, has slowly started to take shape… and it’s exciting. 

You may remember when I shared a sneak peek of this light in our new entry light post

New Entry Light by The Wood Grain Cottage

We were lucky enough to find that little gem of a light at an antique mall in Littleton (Colorado) while visiting family. I loved the shape, the ribbed design, and the simple farmhouse vibe it had. After debating on several different places to hang it in the house, I finally decided on our master bathroom. The size is perfect for this little room, and while it’s a tiny bit hard to get a good feel of it in these pictures (this is the hardest room ever to photograph), it’s quite distinct in person. 🙂

New Light In The Master Bathroom by The Wood Grain Cottage

This light has such a fun shape and personality…

New Light In The Master Bathroom by The Wood Grain Cottage

It has subtle scratches showing it’s age, but I think they only make it more perfect.

New Light In The Master Bathroom by The Wood Grain Cottage

Hard to see from this view, but it adds a perfect pop of white color against our black wall, and it lights the little room perfectly…

Shelves In The Master Bathroom by The Wood Grain Cottage

We’re getting really close, and I can start adding in decor soon. We have a few other projects to complete in the rest of the bathroom, so I’ll be working on those over the next few weeks. In the meantime, I couldn’t be happier with our progress, or how far we’ve come. It’s taken several months to get to this point, but we’ve almost got a complete bathroom again!

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  2. love the dark wall and white planking ! great light fixture too! I’m living in a rental where the whole house is sprayed a nice shade of golden tan. wish it was mine to update.oh well~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ someday 😀

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