Fall Home Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking for new Fall home decorating ideas, here’s a collection of my favorite DIY items you can easily make for your own home, with plenty of bang for your buck! 🙂

Fall Home Decorating Ideas by The Wood Grain Cottage

We’re in the middle of several new fall home decorating projects, but I wanted to share a few favorites from the past. I hope you enjoy them, and I look forward to sharing my new ideas soon! 🙂

For basically any seasonal decorating, I always turn to the great outdoors. It’s always been my biggest source for inspiration, and I love that you can use what you find for free. This log tealight candle holder is one of those projects. It provides great texture, charm and coziness. It can also be used throughout the seasons.

Log Tea Light Candle Holder by The Wood Grain Cottage

Another version, is our trio of tealight candle holders. They look great on bookshelves, styled with other items, or on a coffee table.

Tree Limb Tea Light Holder by The Wood Grain Cottage

This DIY Apple Wreath is fabulous for adding texture and character. It’s also very easy to make, it just requires different sizes of faux apples. This is easily one of my favorite projects.

Apple Wreath by The Wood Grain Cottage

Just like the wreath, this Picture Frame to Chalkboard project was also easy to make. We have a bunch of old frames just laying around, and this frame has become a staple for my seasonal decorating. It’s versatility is endless.

Picture Frame to Chalkboard by The Wood Grain Cottage

And what would a little fall decorating be without pillows? They’re not only pretty, but extremely important for adding that cozy vibe we crave during fall and the winter months. This pillow can be used until Thanksgiving!

Black & White Thanksgiving Pillow by The Wood Grain Cottage

Another great option is Grain Sack Pillows. They are perfect for so many seasons. Grain sack material is a bit tricky to find, but doing a quick Etsy or E-bay search should produce options for buying them. These pillows are a staple in our home and I don’t think I could live without them. 🙂

Grain Sack Pillows by The Wood Grain Cottage

And of course, we can’t forget my Denim Leaves. These guys are very versatile too! Use them as a place setting name card, as a group for a hanging banner, or even framed as wall decor. The uses are endless, as are the ways to make them. Use big leaves, little leaves, denim fabric, or plaid. They are entirely customizable.

Denim Leaves by The Wood Grain Cottage

I personally think Fall is one of the easiest seasons to decorate for. Not only is the outdoors bursting with color, foliage and decorating opportunities, but there are so many different fabrics, warm textures and overall “cozies” available to add throughout your home. Even if you only use one of these ideas, or none, I wish you happy Fall decorating!


P.S. If you’re looking for Fall front porch decorating ideas, see this post.


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