Decorating with Tree Branches

I’m sharing one of my favorite, budget friendly decorating tips! I’m talking all about why I love decorating with tree branches!

Want to know my secret for adding that perfect pop of color, texture and amazing real life decor to any season? Decorating with tree branches!

They are the perfect way to bring any season into your home, all while being free from your yard! (And bonus, it’s a great way to give your tree/ shrub/ bush a little healthy trimming.)

Decorating With Tree Branches

Decorate with tree branches! Easy, inexpensive, and perfect for every season! By The Wood Grain Cottage

Oh man. I’ve just discovered one beautiful tree that’s been right in front of my face since we bought our farm about… 5 years ago. Sometimes I am so oblivious. 😀

In keeping with the tradition that is my decorating style, I wanted to freshen up the house since our summer home tour a few months ago. The tree branches had long since died, and my vases were sitting empty. The house needed a little refresh, so I went outside in search of some new greenery. 

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Suddenly, it hit me! I grabbed my pruning scissors and cut down several little limbs, and some bigger ones that were outgrown and out of shape. Just by snipping some limbs for your house every year, you’d be surprised at how well you can keep your trees, shrubs, or bushes trimmed up! Some of our trees look so much better because of it! It’s like a win, win, win!

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Once I had the branches inside, I grabbed some of my vases/ containers and created several large, medium, and small bouquets to fill our kitchen, dining room, living room and breakfast nook.

Looking for a beautiful vase?

Here are my favorites!

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It’s completely amazing at how much character, interest, and home-y vibe those branches can add.

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They’re beyond beautiful. I adore the subtle green, and silver/gray of the leaves. I need to pay more attention to these trees when it’s closer to fall. I’m curious what they look like… and I completely wish they were growing at Christmas time. I can’t get over how amazing they would look with all my decor. Man, oh, man.

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I mean, look at those little tiny berries…

Vintage Kitchen Clock by The Wood Grain Cottage-13

Put a fork in me, I’m so done!

Moral of this post… go outside and clip some tree branches. Put them in a vase with water (and keep watering to maintain their lovely freshness), and enjoy! It’s impossible for me not to love my home a little bit more when it’s full of fresh texture. And if you don’t believe me, just you try it. You’ll be hooked! 😀


  1. I did this with a few of my bushier plants but this year I was desperate. I needed something big leafed to stick in a vase inside a neat burlap square bag with a neat saying my friend gave me. This lasts about a month. Not too bad. I have one that dries quite nicely so I don’t even put water in the vase every time! I’m glad you pointed this out for its a way to use yard clippings as filler for bouquets too! I like your leaves too. Such a pretty color. People have flower cutting gardens. I suppose you could hide your “house cutting tree” in an area not visible and not worry if too much is snipped off one time!!!

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