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Over the last few months, I’ve had so much fun designing new items for us to sell at The Vintage Whites Market. I’m still in total disbelief that we will actually be leaving for the market next week. These last few months have been packed completely full with building, staining, painting and all the small details that really do make a difference.

One of the new items I’m really, really excited about, is our chalkboard organizer…

Chalkboard Organizer by The Wood Grain Cottage-3

I’m head over heels in love with it. It’s such a versatile and functional piece.

I knew I wanted to include some chalkboards in our sale, but when I took a stroll around my parents farm, I walked right into a pile of those awesome metal racks. I instantly thought “organizer” and loaded several of them into the truck. They were originally used on some grain bins my dad moved to a different part of their property, and these were left.

Chalkboard Organizer by The Wood Grain Cottage

It’s exciting to know that these actually have some of my history mixed in with them. Agriculture is such a huge part of my life, and it’s only fitting for a few of my pieces to have it incorporated.

Chalkboard Organizer by The Wood Grain Cottage

Not only do those metal racks look amazing, they are completely functional. They’re perfect for papers, magazines, cookbooks, you name it! And no worries, we scrubbed those babies clean.

Chalkboard Organizer by The Wood Grain Cottage

And the chalkboard backing makes making lists, weekly meal planning or even reminders really handy. For the frame, we made it just like our huge kitchen chalkboard, which we’ve made several of as well.

Chalkboard Organizer by The Wood Grain Cottage

The full size is 27 inches wide x 3 feet tall.

Chalkboard Organizer by The Wood Grain Cottage

There are several other new pieces that I’ll be sharing this week and the next, but in the mean time I have more painting to do, not to mention all of the product tagging, pricing and organizing that’s left. Anthony is busy adding a few finishing touches to the remaining items and he’s started building our movable walls for the booth. And just about every hour I think how unbelievably grateful I am for this incredible man who puts my dreams front and center into his daily thoughts and to do’s. Let me just tell you, none of this would be possible without him.

The trailer pulls out next Thursday, so we keep plugging away and checking things off our to do list. And right about now, that’s one of my very favorite things. Running a fresh line through another completed item is pure bliss to this lady. Check!

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  1. I love mine we hung it up the other day and put a bible quote in it to remind ourselves John 3:16
    Thanks crafty sister.

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