How We Built Our Custom Kitchen Vent Hood

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  1. Lori says:

    Love this Shana and I did Pin it for reference later BUT your font on the blog is so tiny it is very hard to read and I thought your vent post was not even posted and lost somewhere. There were 12 blocks of ads and video’s of ads. I totally understand having those but it seems something wasn’t right and thought you should know. Thank you for the help with designing our stove vent. Ours is in an open kitchen LR layout and I’ve talked about doing this for over a year now. Maybe this is my boost! Off to get my glasses:0)

    • Cindy N. says:

      I agree with Lori re: the tiny font and light print is almost impossible to read in certain areas of your blog – it wasn’t like this before, something has changed recently (it’s a turn-off.) That said, the vent hood tutorial, super, my husband even forwarded it to me! Didn’t know he was now following also! 🙂

      • Shayna says:

        Thank you for the feedback, Cindy! I’ve increased the font size throughout the website. It should be easier to read now. I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorial! 🙂

    • Shayna says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Lori. I’ve increased the font size throughout the website. It should be easier to read now. And I apologize about the ads. On the day this was published, my ad company was having a glitch. That’s why there were so many ads. It looks normal on my end now.

  2. Lori says:

    Sorry Shana but I can’t read your printed type as it’s too small. I see a new post and it’s the same. Honestly trying to help. I never heard back so so sorry I will unsubscribe.

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