Our New Back Patio

Late last summer we had our back concrete patio replaced. It was such an exciting and house transforming project! We did all the demo ourselves and even though it was hard work, it was so fun to see that beat up, cracked and crumbling patio removed and replaced with a much better and larger concrete patio! 

A picture showing our new back patio.

Before we had the patio replaced, I shared our inspiration and plans for the new patio, and then some of our progress with demo, but I realized I never shared the new, finished patio! 

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look back at where we started…

Our Old Back Patio

A picture showing the patio before.

Not only was the patio small for the house, but it was pieced together, crumbling apart in several areas and there wasn’t a step for the back door…

A picture showing the patio before.
A picture of the patio before.

We spent a few months going over what we wanted in the new patio, but one thing we knew, was that we wanted to make the patio much, much larger giving us more space for entertaining with a few different areas on the patio itself…

A picture of the patio before.

Demo’ing The Existing Patio

With the new design in place, we started working on demo’ing out the existing concrete…

A picture of us demo'ing out the existing patio.

Because it was already crumbling in so many areas, we were able to get most of it up quite easily with the skid steer… but there were a few sections where we had to use the jack hammer to get it broken up…

A picture of Todd jack hammering the concrete.

We worked our way across the patio, breaking large sections apart with both the sledge hammer and the jack hammer. Before we knew it, we had the entire patio removed and our concrete contractor started forming the new patio…

Installing Our New Back Patio

A picture showing the new patio framing.

We more than doubled the patio, giving us plenty of room for different entertaining areas…

A picture showing the new size of the patio.

Once they had the new patio formed, they started laying rebar and forming our back step…

A picture showing the rebar inside the new patio.

With everything ready, it was time for them to start pouring and finishing the concrete…

A picture showing the new concrete being poured.

We had quite the crew working on everything and we honestly couldn’t be more happy with their work. It’s truly spectacular…

A picture of the new patio being installed.
A picture of the new concrete patio being finished.

Because I wanted to have large “boxes” inside the concrete, they had more finish work to do, but it was totally worth it! We love the design…

A picture of the concrete patio being finished.
A picture of the new patio being finished.

They worked on finishing the patio all afternoon, working quickly as the concrete set. It was such a fun process to watch unfold. I mainly tried to stay out of the way since there were so many moving parts and people, but I loved watching our new, much larger patio come to life. 

Once they had everything finished, we let the patio set for about a week before they came back and pulled the forms. With that, we were left with a beautiful patio…

Our New Back PatioA picture showing our new back patio.

It’s still such a blank space, but we have plans to get new furniture this summer, as well as create a few different entertaining areas. There’s plenty of space to have a grilling area, a large outdoor dining table, plus a conversation area with multiple seating options and a fire pit. It’s going to be such a great space to enjoy…

A picture our new back patio.

We love the curved area of the patio, it brings some much needed dimension to the back of the house, and I can’t wait to see what it will look like once we have grass and plants installed…

A picture of our new back patio.

We have several projects we’ll need to work on to create the overall vision we have planned, but we’re looking forward to seeing it come together. One of them, is installing a wall of trellis’s right here with climbing vines. When we were designing the patio, I couldn’t wait to see this area come together. We love the character it’s added to the patio…

A picture of the planter area in our new patio.
A picture of the planter area in our new patio.
A picture of the planting area in our patio.

Even though we’re not there yet, we’re still loving our new patio and how much it’s transformed the back of our home…

A picture of our new back patio.

I’m looking forward to coming up with the plan for new furniture and accessories. I’ll share all the details once it’s figured out…

A picture of our new back patio.
A picture of our new back patio.

We’ll be working on installing our back yard sprinkler system this summer, and now that we have the new patio, and our garden area in place (more on that soon!) we can start working on all the landscaping that needs done too…

A picture of our new back patio.

We have our work cut out for us with this yard, but we’ve been making such great progress and we won’t stop now! 

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  1. …..and the swing set, the slide, the playhouse,
    and how about that pet pony. smile.
    It looks so nice, whatever you do, has a the
    magic touch of eye delight! Great job.

  2. You have such good vision! It is hard to believe all you have done to the house since you bought it. It doesn’t even look like the same place. Y’all have done an awesome job! Can’t wait to see what you do with the new patio. What a difference already!
    Keep showing us your progress!

  3. I know this is an older post….. But, where did you find that 3 tier herb planter? Love all the work you have done on your home. 🙂

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