How To Organize Hot Tea

Learn how to organize hot tea with this simple and easy tutorial. If your cabinet is overflowing with hot tea flavors and boxes this is a solution for you!

One little known fact about me, is that I love hot tea. It’s such a soothing way to unwind, to enjoy with breakfast, an afternoon snack or after dinner before bed. And it pairs exceptionally well with scones

Growing up, my mom was always a big lover of hot tea, and she passed that love onto me. Because we both love it so much, our collection of hot tea flavors seems to grow regularly. And as the collection grows, so does the need for additional storage for all those tea boxes. 

A picture of hot tea packets organized in a wooden box.

Today, I’m sharing how to organize hot tea. The struggle can be real when you have a cabinet overflowing with tea boxes, leaving little room for organization or anything else! A few months ago my mom showed me a neat little way she was organizing her hot tea collection. From the second I saw what she was doing, and how it had drastically cleaned up her cabinet and made it that much easier to find the flavor she was looking for, I was hooked! Knowing that I had a scary cabinet just like it, I put it on my list of things to organize. 

How To Organize Hot Tea

Really, this little organizing project couldn’t be easier. There’s only two things you need: your hot tea collection and these amazing wooden sorting boxes

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Wooden Hot Tea Boxes

Hot Tea Collection

Step One: Gather Your Hot Tea Collection

No joke, I had so many different flavors of hot tea, I used my laundry basket to gather them and bring them upstairs from our pantry. From there, I laid them out on the kitchen table to start sorting.

A picture of hot tea boxes and wooden organizing boxes.

Step Two: Start Sorting

Once I had all of my hot tea flavors in one place, I started sorting through all the different flavors. And of course, I found partial boxes with the same flavor that had been pushed to the back of the cabinet. 

Step Three: Start Organizing

With a clear idea of what I had, I started filling in the different compartments. For this project, I bought two of the wooden boxes and used one for black tea such as Earl Gray, Constant Comment, English Breakfast, etc., and one for my light herbal teas. Having them separated into two different boxes makes it easier to find what I’m looking for. 

A picture of hot tea packets being organized.

I will say, that a standard size tea box holds more tea packets than what one compartment can hold. In this case, I combined the remaining tea packets that couldn’t fit in with something similar in flavor. You can see the variation in the tea packet, making it easy to find what you need. 

A picture of an empty organizing box.

I also want to mention, that so far I’ve only organized the tea that came in individually wrapped packets. I’ll be ordering another box to organize the brands that don’t wrap them in sleeves, such as Celestial.

A picture of hot tea packets being organized.

Step Four: Step Back & Enjoy

Seriously, that’s it. If you want to get fancy, you can label each different compartment with the specific kind of tea, but I found it easy enough to see the label of each tea packet.

I really can’t tell you how much of a difference this has made for my life, or for my cabinet. It’s such a refreshing feeling knowing I can see exactly what flavors I have on hand, and what I’m running low on. 

A picture of hot tea packets organized.

These little wooden tea boxes really are amazing at storing and organizing the madness found in my cabinet. Plus, I like that when guests come over, I can easily bring out the tea boxes when offering them a cup of tea…

A picture of hot tea packets organized.

The wooden boxes not only look nice…

A picture of hot tea packets organized.

But they stack really well too, giving my cabinet even more space!

A picture of hot tea packets organized.
A picture of hot tea packets organized.
A picture of hot tea packets organized.

Not organizing hot tea? I can think of so many other great uses for these little wooden boxes, such as:

  • Organizing Hair Ties, Bows, Clips, etc.
  • Organizing Small Craft Supplies
  • Organizing Small Toys: Marbles, Toy Soldiers, Jacks, Legos, Barbie Accessories, etc.
  • Organizing Office Items: Paper Clips, Binder Clips, Push Pins, Rubber Bands, etc.

I hope you found this helpful! It was such an easy, inexpensive organizing project that’s made a huge difference! Making my daily cup of hot tea is so much more enjoyable now that I can see all my flavor options!


  1. Love! Thanks for the box source! Tazo Zen is my go to (hot or iced!) and I always have half boxes floating around with everything else… this will help sort into caffeinated and decaf varieties too! ?

  2. This is a very fun post on a topic near and dear to my heart, Shayna. Thanks so much for sharing it (and the link to the tea boxes). In recent years I’ve been buying my tea bags in bulk. Stash teas are my jam, especially the Mango Coconut flavor. I buy 100 bags at a time on subscription. When the box arrives I transfer them to a tall glass container, and keep that container on a kitchen shelf. I also keep other flavors, like organic camomile, in glass jars in our pantry. Since I have a number of home items in bamboo, I think I need to incorporate one of these tea boxes into the storage plan. Thank you again for sharing this post and best wishes to all three of you. Cheers, Ardith

  3. Ahhhhhh, a fellow hot tea drinker!!! I don’t drink coffee at all (YUCK!) but I love hot tea and this looks like a great way to keep it organized!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Blessings from Missouri!!! And by the way, your house looks AH-MAZING!!!! I love watching an empty worn out house become a beautiful life-filled home!!! Keep the pictures coming!

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