Master Bathroom Design Plan

I can’t even explain how excited we are to start on our master bathroom remodel! It’s been a project we’ve wanted to do, but held off from finishing while we prioritized other projects that needed done first. It’s finally here though, and I’ve spent so much time working on the new floor plan for the bathroom, as well as the design plan for the space. 

Before I share the design plan, and the new layout, let’s take a walk down memory lane and look back at where we started…

The Master Bathroom Before:

A picture of how the bathroom looked before.

A picture of how the bathroom looked before.

A picture of how the bathroom looked before.

When we first bought the house, this room appeared to have been one of the only rooms in the house that had undergone some sort of an upgrade. Even with that said, the bathroom was in terrible condition. I also hated that the toilet was the very first thing you saw from the bedroom. The room needed a new layout to not only look better, but to function better as well…

After gutting the bathroom, we discovered the shower had a water leak and had been leaking for some time… just like every other room in this house with any sort of plumbing…

A picture of a gutted master bathroom.

Since we moved in, this has been our view of the master bathroom…

A picture of a gutted master bathroom.

Once we finished gutting the bathroom, we let it be, knowing we’d be circling back to the project as soon as a few other things were finished. That’s the joy of living in a fixer upper, right? But now, after a year of staring at this blank space, it’s time to start bringing it back to life! 

Changing The Existing Layout:

I’ll be honest and say this bathroom has been a little bit of a design challenge for me. The original floor plan we wanted for the space wouldn’t fit with the overall dimensions we have to work with, so I spent a few weeks dwelling over the next best option. After exhausting all other options, we have our new floor plan, and while it’s not what we initially envisioned, all the design elements are coming together beautifully and we’re excited to see it finished.

Here’s how the new bathroom layout will look…

A drawing of the new floor plan layout.


And here’s what it started as…

A drawing of the old floor plan.


Mind you neither of those drawings is to scale, but it gives a good overall view of how the room has changed. I realize we only switched the shower and toilet around, but just doing that has created such a better flow for the bathroom, while still allowing for a larger shower, and a change in focal point as we now see the shower first, instead of the toilet. The vanity stayed in the same location, and as badly as I wanted to move it, this really was the best place for the overall layout of the bathroom. Trust me when I say, we taped off every possible floor plan option. 

Master Bathroom Design Plan:

Because we have such a small room to work with, I really wanted to keep the design as bright and light as possible, while also keeping it true to the rest of the house design, and staying with our traditional style with a little bit of modern touches mixed in there as well. I love mixing the metal finishes to create a more inviting and visually appealing space, and with the glass shower door and walls, my hope is that the room will feel much bigger than it actually is. 

Here’s what we’re planning…

A mood board showing all the elements of our master bathroom remodel.

Below are all the source details we’ll be using in the space:

  1. Lighting: We’ll be doing these wall sconces on either side of the mirror, and while they weren’t my first choice (those are out of stock and won’t be back in stock until after our bathroom will be completed), I love the look and style of these lights. They arrived a few days ago and I am smitten with them. Plus, the price couldn’t be beat. Two beautiful lights for $65… sold!
  2. Vanity Mirror: I love the sleek and simple style of this mirror, plus the size is perfect for the area we have to work with, and I love that it will draw the eye up in this small area. I also managed to snag it while it was on sale!
  3. Faucet: From the first time I saw this faucet, I knew it was just the piece I was looking for. It has such classic lines.
  4. Makeup Mirror: We have limited wall space in the bathroom, but I’m trying hard to find space to include this mirror. They’re so incredibly handy for getting ready. 
  5. Vanity: Fun fact, we’ve had this vanity since we started the hall bathroom remodel last year. I loved it so much, that when it wouldn’t work in the hall bathroom, we kept it to use in the master. It’s the perfect size for our small bathroom, and it’s such a beauty. The wood tone is going to bring in so much warmth.
  6. Hand Towel: Simple, with just enough pattern. I bought another hand towel from McGee and Co for our hall bathroom and I love it so much, I’m getting another one for this bathroom.
  7. Shower Tile: We’ll be mixing two different tiles in the shower, but this tile will be on the floor, and as a focal area of the main shower wall. I’m perhaps the most excited about this than anything else in the room. It’s going to make such a beautiful statement. 
  8. Shower System: We splurged a little on this gorgeous shower system, but with all of our other budget choices, we felt this added a nice mix. It’s a gorgeous shower faucet system, and paired with the statement wall tile, this is going to create one stunning feature for the bathroom.
  9. Floor Tile: The same tile we used in the hallway bathroom, I love how budget friendly this tile is while looking fabulous! It has gorgeous gray veining and it’s going to be perfect for the bathroom floor. 

Of course, there will be so many other purchases we’ll be making for the bathroom as we fully move into the space, but these are our foundational pieces that will really set the stage. I’m also excited about the crown moulding and wall moulding we’ll be adding to the room, and the glass shower walls that will make this room feel bigger than it actually is. 

Items have been arriving every day, and I’m loving how it’s all starting to come together. Here’s a little peek…

A picture showing elements of our master bathroom design plan.

Work is already underway and our contractor is making great progress! As soon as there’s a good update, I’ll be sharing all the details. Can’t wait!


  1. We just finished a remodel of the hall bathroom in our 100 year old home. It’s been a fun process! Master bath will be next!

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