How I Store Fall Decor

As we switch seasons and start decorating for Christmas, I thought it might be helpful to share how I store fall decor. Over the years, I’ve really narrowed down my fall decorations, but there’s still items I like to keep and use. 

A picture of two storage totes filled with fall decor.

Admittedly, I like to use our everyday items, but just add in a few fall touches here and there, while also adding in real tree branches. But with that said, I do have some faux pumpkins,  stems, a collection of leaves I love, and a few glass vases I store each year. 

While my storage method may not be ground breaking, it’s working very well for us, and I know exactly where to find our decor items, and that they’ll be in good shape from year to year. 

How I Store Fall Decor


Over the years, I’ve collected several leaves that have caught my eye. I like to use them each year for decorating shelves, tables or creating a vignette. 

A picture of open shelving with books, candles and leaves.

A few years ago, I had an empty oatmeal container laying around, and turns out, it’s perfect for storing delicate fall leaves. 

A picture of an oatmeal container.

The container doesn’t take up much space, and the leaves are in great shape every year. 

A picture of leaves inside an oatmeal container.

For my collection of faux mini pumpkins, I use 12 quart storage bins…

A picture of faux pumpkins in a storage container.

A picture of faux pumpkins in a storage container.

They fit perfectly in my large totes and I don’t have to worry about the pumpkins, etc., getting damaged…

A picture of storage totes.

Each tote holds four of the storage boxes perfectly, plus, there’s still enough room for the oatmeal container, as well as a few glass pumpkins I’ve wrapped in grocery bags. On top, I store narrow items, like the bats I used on our Halloween front porch, and placemats and denim leaves I made a few years ago…

A picture of a storage tote with fall decorations.

In the other tote, I have it filled with larger faux pumpkins on the bottom, and fall faux stems on the top…

A picture of faux fall stems in a storage tote.

For fall decor, we only have two totes. We do have a few other miscellaneous items, like the large light up wicker pumpkins I just bought for our fall window box display, and we’ll need a third tote to keep them in good shape too. 

A picture of two storage totes filled with fall decor.

Christmas, is another story. I have eight or nine totes packed full and this is the year I’m planning on going through them all, sorting through the items I use, donating the rest, and then organizing what’s left.

I have my work cut out for me there, but it will be worth it! It’s so nice having these items organized.


  1. So, does this mean you will be reusing these same materials year after year even though you are authoring a blog and we are looking forward to seeing what new and creative thing you do at each turn? I’m asking because I have way too much “stuff,” but I love to change things out year after year. I live in a one-bedroom apartment and now am renting two storage units. Things can really get out of hand, but, if you like a different look every year and for each season, I’m not sure what the answer is.

    1. I do reuse a lot of my seasonal decor. I typically try to find the staple pieces I love enough to use in different ways from year to year. With fall specifically, I like to use real tree branches, pumpkins, etc., which does save on having several faux things to store. There are some years where I don’t use as many pieces from my fall items, and I keep them to see if I’ll use them again the next year. If several years go by, and I don’t use something, I typically donate it. I hope that helps!

  2. I was just getting ready to pack up my fall décor, too, so this came at the perfect time! I’m a little sad to say goodbye to fall, but looking forward to decorating for Christmas this weekend. Can’t wait to see how you do up your house this year – I’m sure it’ll be as beautiful as years past!

  3. Great storage tips! I love that you re-use the same items in different ways each year. I can’t afford to buy all new every year and it’s blog’s like yours that I can get the best ideas from!

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