How To Use Patterns In Decor

One of my best tips: use patterns! I’m sharing the best way to do it and including some easy ways to help you get started.

When I was coming up with the design plan for our office, I knew I wanted to incorporate some kind of pattern. I didn’t want it to be too overwhelming, that’s not really my style, but I do like to incorporate some sort of pattern into each and every room of our home. It keeps things interesting, and can often bring the final touch to a room. While I was searching for office items, I found so many great pieces that would definitely provide that punch of pattern. Here’s the thing though, there really is a way to include them that makes sense. Let’s talk about how to use patterns in decor and around your home…

How To Use Patterns In Home Decor by The Wood Grain Cottage

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First things first, I’ll admit my neutral and calm loving heart likes to take the safe route when it comes to patterns. I know myself, and what I do and don’t like. I also know what colors I like and choose time and time again. That said, when it comes to picking out patterns for the house, I tend to lean on the same style of pattern. It’s not very flashy, bright or bold, but rather something that will blend well and add to the overall view of the room, rather than competing for the full attention. 

There’s a few ways you can use patterns in decor. Let’s look at the most popular. I’ve included a few items for each category too, just make sure to scroll through the arrows!

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1. Pillows & Blankets.

This is the easiest and safest way to add pattern. It’s also easy to switch these things if you don’t like it, or if you’re ready for a change. The cost of these items is relatively low, and it’s the best way to dip your toes in the pool of pattern. 

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2. Curtains.

Like I mentioned above, I prefer more neutral tones, and white curtains are my favorite right now, but a good patterned curtain can really enhance a room. Remember though, they’re like the eyebrows of a window, so they’ll be a focal point to your room. 

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3. Rugs.

Adding a patterned rug to a space can create a bold backdrop, even if it’s something as mild as stripes. Rugs set the tone of your space, so pick a pattern and color that will compliment the surroundings. Rugs can also be on the pricey side of things, so make sure you love the one you pick.

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4. Furniture.

A good patterned piece of furniture can do wonders for the room, like in our office. The simple and small buffalo check patterned ottoman brings in an interesting factor, while adding a bold touch of design. Start small when adding furniture into a space… it’s easier to commit to a chair or ottoman rather than a large couch. 

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Heaven help me, I’m in love with the windowpane chair!

5. Wallpaper.

Get ready to create an amazing focal point, because patterned wallpaper will do just that! The nice thing about wallpaper though, is you can pick something that has a smaller, more subtle pattern, or you can really go bold and own the room. And with wallpaper being more and more popular, there are some really awesome options that can create the perfect accent wall. 

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6. Tile & Carpet.

Just like wallpaper, patterned tile is definitely making a comeback. Make sure you love the color, pattern and size before committing. Once you do, it’s something you’ll have around for awhile. As your style changes, or new trends come and go, you’ll want to be able to still grow with the tile. Patterned carpet is a great way to compliment any room where you’d normally install carpet. I love the subtle patterns in carpet, and think it can really ground out a space, but I wouldn’t get too bold. The same guideline as rugs applies here too. 

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7. Home Decor Items.

Small or large, it’s easy to find patterns in small vases, artwork, baskets or textiles. These type of items are easier to commit to, especially since you can incorporate them for awhile, and then rotate them out when you’re tired of them or in need of a change. 

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However you decide to add in pattern, just make sure you have a good overall view of your space. Too many patterns, and the room can quickly become overwhelming and busy. Too little pattern, and your room can feel a little boring. Find your happy mix and start creating a layered room you love! 


  1. Love catching up with u! Found ur site when u were in other home. Ur decorating and color sense have been so inspirational! I live the wardrobe, standing closets in ur master. What brand plz? I need!

    1. Thank you! So happy you were able to catch up! Are you looking at the wardrobes in our current master bedroom? If so, those are from Ikea. They’re the Ikea Pax wardrobes. 🙂

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