Remember when I shared TGI-Friday in the past? I know it’s been a little while, but I really like the idea of sharing some behind the scenes peeks, as well as new things I find and love. It’s a random post, but it’s real and full of good stuff!


In house news, we’ve been spending our weekends working on the yard. If you’re following my Instagram stories, you’ve got a good glimpse at what we’ve been working on. Just like the rest of the house, it has been severely neglected. The grass that was once there is long gone and we have a ridiculous amount of sticks and tree saplings everywhere. Todd brought his skid steer from work and we’ve been doing demo on the landscaping. We’ve scooped up load after load of gravel to pull up the rotted landscaping fabric. We’ve uncovered lava rock and made 7 huge loads with the dump trailer removing everything from dead trees, rotted leaves and piles of sticks. This place was neglected. In the midst of all of it though, we’re both so incredibly excited to give the house an updated exterior and show it some love. 

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  • For Easter this year, we’ll be spending the majority of the day with Todd’s family. In case you’re hosting, here’s a quick, simple and cheap way to set your table
  • Speaking of Easter, here’s the new dress I just bought. It came last week and it’s so pretty… I’ve been forcing myself to wait for Easter before wearing it. 
  • Did you see that I shared the design plan for our kitchen? It took me a little while, but I finally landed on a plan and we couldn’t be happier… it all just feels so right! If you missed the details, you can catch up right here.
  • My oral surgery a few months ago wasn’t successful to help pull down my top two permanent canine teeth. It was the last attempt before removing the teeth and moving forward with implants. This week I decided to scheduled my next oral surgery, and they’ll be removing those stubborn teeth that I’ve spent nearly two years trying to coax down. Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to another surgery, but I’m ready to be done with the entire process. 
  • But… in other exciting news, we’re planning on having all of our windows replaced next month. It’s definitely needed. Our current windows are really old and not in the best shape. And not to mention covered with years of filth. I’ve been slowly working my way throughout the house cleaning windows, and last weekend I dropped one of them in the bathtub when I was cleaning it. Thank goodness I didn’t get cut, and the bathtub wasn’t damaged, but the glass pane shattered. Needless to say, we’re both sooo excited to get new windows! We’re trying to decide between grid windows, or just clear glass. But this house is sure making me lean on grid windows. Hmmmm…


  • McGee & Co is having a great sale on rugs through April 22nd. That’s where I found the rug for our kitchen design. That specific one is out of stock until June (it just came back in-stock!), but I went ahead and ordered my second favorite, and it’s just as gorgeous. Delivery day is going to be so exciting… I’m already counting down the days! (I splurged and ordered this one to layer with our front door welcome mat!) Below are my favorites! Use code “hoptoit” to get 20% off! (Scroll through the arrows to see them all!) 

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful Easter Sunday! 


  1. Hello! Shayna it sounds like you two have been busy! And by the sounds of it will stay busy for quite some time working on the house. Can’t wait to see the yard overhaul when it is done! Sorry to hear about your teeth, As a woman who broke her canine tooth on an almond of all things, I had to have it pulled and am going to get an implant as well, or at the bare minimum a flipper tooth!
    Wishing you both a Happy Easter and looking forward to the rest of your updates!!

  2. Shayna, I always feel happy to see your blog pop up! We all missed you and I am so pleased you are making a wonderful, creative new home with your love. The use of heavy duty yard equipment is a real treat! We are all cheering you on.
    Love Fridays and your new dress is very cute!

  3. Hi Shayna
    I just had an implant put in. It’s doing very well. Just followed up with the dentist and they ex-rayed it and said it looks real good.
    Good luck with everything.

    I love keeping in touch with your home plans.
    Everything you do is so beautiful

    Happy Easter.

  4. Oh no. My daughter’s took years and years when she was young. It was so very painful. I’m glad implants are perfected. Wish they were not so pricey though.
    I’m most excited about the landscaping!!! I used to do that as my hobby.
    That photo of the windows does look wonderful!! I dread all the things that are wearing out on my home and need replacing. My house is 18 years old this September and so many things. Yes. Even windows. The rubber stuff is coming out between the glass and frame!! I’ll just hide my head in the sand!!!
    God took out a tree for me last week and I was able to get someone to cut it up and haul it off. Now I’m debating on a new tree and possible relocating where I’d placed it!!! But it was great shade!! Oh the dilemmas of landscaping!!! Enjoy the process. It’s looking so wonderful.

  5. I have windows like these, but without the upper portion that look like a transom. It was so difficult to decide on my new build until I saw these somewhere and never looked back! Some of mine are 5’ high! I put clear glass casements over my sink though, could not obstruct the view I have in any way. If you want photos get in touch with me.

  6. Hi! Love your blog, it’s truly great. Just found it today & cant stop reading it. Would love to get your ebook too but the links aren’t working! Any idea when they’ll be up again so that I can order it? Thank you, great job, & good luck with your oral surgery/recovery if you’ve already had it. I’m facing that myself very soon!

    1. Hi Melissa! Thank you so much for the sweet words, and welcome! I’m in the process of updating the e-book, so it’s not currently for sale. When it’s ready, I’ll be sure to share! Wishing you a speedy recover from your oral surgery! 🙂

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