Fashion Friday: Forest Green

As this blog has evolved over the past several years, I’ve found myself constantly reevaluating and taking new direction. While I’ve never strayed too far from my home décor/ DIY roots and platform, I’ve always thought there was another topic, or two, that would flow well with my brand. One of them, is my personal fashion.

I know most of you are here for the decorating and DIY projects, and you’ll still get plenty of them, but I’d like to try a new avenue as well, and that’s where today’s post comes into play. I’ve never really felt that I was over the top “stylish”, and my main goal when dressing myself has always been to remain true to my conservative self, while mixing and matching items I already own to create a simple, but sophisticated outfit that makes me feel better about the day, and something that gives my confidence an extra boost. I don’t know about you, but when I’m more put together, I feel better about myself and my day, which makes everything seem a little bit better.

So, that’s where the idea of Fashion Friday was born… I’m not planning on making it an “every Friday” post, but rather twice a month, which will still give us plenty of time to talk and discuss all things home and DIY related. But today, I’m sharing my first “outfit”. I hope you enjoy this new addition to the blog as much as I do… My hope, is that you’ll enjoy seeing more of me, the girl behind the blog, and that maybe, if you need it, you’ll get some new ideas for your wardrobe. 🙂

A few things to note about my style: I love bargain shopping for my home, and clothes. Several of the items I wear will be from ordinary stores, with an ordinary budget. I consistently wear a lot of the same things, just mixing and matching with other items. I will splurge on a few items here and there, but it’s always something I majorly love and can wear in different ways. I’m always on the simpler side of fashion… always. Whatever I wear, it must be comfortable.

Enjoy, sweet friends. Outfit details will be below. 🙂

Fashion Friday: Forest Green by The Wood Grain Cottage


Fashion Friday: Forest Green by The Wood Grain Cottage

Fashion Friday: Forest Green by The Wood Grain Cottage

Fashion Friday: Forest Green by The Wood Grain Cottage

Fashion Friday: Forest Green by The Wood Grain Cottage

Fashion Friday: Forest Green by The Wood Grain Cottage

Fashion Friday: Forest Green by The Wood Grain Cottage

Fashion Friday: Forest Green by The Wood Grain Cottage


Forest Green Shirt: Old Navy // Black Under Shirt: Gordmans // Destroyed Denim Jeans: LimeLush // Boots: Old Navy //


Stone Pendant Necklace: Etsy // Metal Feather Bracelet: Maurices (Years Ago) // Gold Hoop Earrings: Amazon // Watch: Amazon // Metal Bracelet: Yard Sale //

Photo’s by Patrice Neil Photography

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  1. I like that you are adding something new to your blog, but…… isn’t there always a but. Lol I want to make a suggestion. You need pictures that are closer up to show more detail of your outfit. Like I think a close up to show the necklace and earrings is needed. Also show closer up to show the details of the top and booties. I would do some shots maybe in your home, patio or workshop so that the clothes stand out more and are easier to see. Please don’t take this criticism wrong….I love your blog and home!! Keep up the good work!

  2. I really enjoyed this and very much enjoyed the photography in the woods. I like your style and look forward to seeing more of your clothing style as well as your home. It takes a lot of courage to share these things, thank you. I love your blog.

  3. I’m between Linda and Maureen. You live in such a beautiful area. The woods were great….but looked like senior pictures. If you really want to blog about clothes style ….then take Lindas advice. She wasn’t being critical, just helpful. You are a beautiful, talented young woman . God has truly blessed you! Looking forward to your future blogs. Good luck!

  4. Look at your gorgeous self. Fashion Friday sounds like a fine plan. This is your blog, Shayna, so it should be as much fun for you as it is for us. As it so happens, fashion is likely to be a pretty popular topic. Cheers, Ardith

  5. Love your blog, love your style and I LOVE the gorgeous photos! I agree with Linda in that some close up shots would be great – who doesn’t love checking out all the pretty details?

  6. I agree with Linda. Close ups of highlighted items would be awesome. Also your eyes look amazing.. Would love to know about your eye make colors as well ☺️ Love your blog and always look forward to reading it.

  7. I would have to agree with Linda and Maureen. I’ve been to a few fashion blogs but their approach was vastly different. This seemed more like modeling but if that was the approach you were going for, you nailed it. Close-ups would be handy though…I didn’t even notice the accessories until I saw them listed at the end of the post. I scrolled back up and that’s when I noticed the necklace and the watch. Looking forward to more DIY. You have a great style and I believe that’s why a majority of us come here. I’ve seen many blogs fizzle out because their main draw fell to the wayside. I hope that does not happen here.

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