All Over the Place

There are a few things you may have noticed about me. One of them being, I tend to start on a room, complete a few projects, get it looking close to how I want, then leave it and drop it cold. Ouch.

Sorry about that. And I’m even more sorry if you’re waiting for the full mudroom reveal, laundry room reveal, powder bathroom reveal, or… wait for it, the office reveal. Even the dining room and breakfast nook, if truth be told.

But before we get sad about it, let me share my method of madness, in the hopes I can explain why I choose to skip around… and what I’ve found to be my flow.

I decided a while ago, that instead of busting out several new projects to finish them just for the sake of “being done”, I instead wanted to take it slow and really appreciate what we were adding- and why.

Spring Home Tour by The Wood Grain Cottage

When we first built our house, I knew there would be things we needed/ wanted to change. Yes, even though it was brand new, I couldn’t help but already imagine things we could improve on, change, or add over time with extra money. My goal, has always been to slowly build our home up to what we want, one project at a time, and as our budget allows.

That’s a fine line.

I originally started on the breakfast nook. We built the bench, added the planks and changed the light fixture. And even though I really, really, really wanted to completely finish the room and call it a reveal, I couldn’t. And the main reasoning for that is, to me it will never really be done. I’ll always be changing things, adding something as the budget allows, or dreaming of something new. That’s what keeps me going, and in all honesty, this blog.

Spring Home Tour by The Wood Grain Cottage

And so my pattern continued. Once I felt like the breakfast nook had grown to my inspiration, or there close, I left it alone and began on a different room. Room, after room, I continued the same pattern. From an outsiders perspective, it would seem I’m all over the place. And that may be right.

At times, it can feel scattered, hopeless… and unorganized. One room may “look” finished, but it rarely ever is. Our breakfast nook isn’t even close. Really. I have a whole list of things I’d like to accomplish and change, but that’s just the beauty of it. There will always be something to change and dream about. And for me, that’s the way I operate. The important step, is the first one we make.

I wish I could be the type that does a big reveal every time I finish a new room (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH), and maybe some day I will, but for now, I’m going to continue to be all over the place. It works for me.

One minute it will be about our patio, then our entry (changes come soon), and the next I can’t stop thinking about our master bedroom (changes coming soon), bathroom and giving our pantry a makeover. That is exactly how my mind thinks. And truth be told, it sometimes drives me a little crazy. One minute I’m over here, and the next I’m over there. That’s exactly how I see things.

Spring Home Tour by The Wood Grain Cottage

One day I’ll open up a closet and have a new idea come to mind. That idea may not leave my thoughts until it’s complete. So instead of writing it down, and filing it in the “closet” folder of my brain, it sits forefront, not-so patiently waiting for me to “just do it” already. Famous last words?

If you’ve ever heard the saying, one thing leads to another, then that’s exactly how my home projects/ inspiration works. I’m here, focusing on one thing, then I stumble upon something else, and leave my previous thought for the new one. Thank goodness I’m naturally clean and tidy, and despise obvious unfinished projects that just sit waiting for “someday”, or else I wouldn’t be able to exist in our home. It would eat at me, and make me itch. Luckily I don’t have that problem, because honestly, no one can ever tell what’s missing. It looks finished from the outside… but under the surface things are rippling and swaying. 😀

My goal this year, is to be perfectly content with what I do have. It’s so easy to get caught up in looking at beautiful homes and playing the comparison game. No matter what you have, or how you’ve done it, you are your worst critic and it’s time for that to stop.

So, let’s unite in being all over the place. After all, it is progress to admire. 😀

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  1. This post describes me perfectly!! And I know it sometimes drives my husband crazy… He wants to completely finish a room before starting the next. Where I want to at least get it looking my style even if we can’t completely finish it right away. Also, like you, once I get an idea for something that will mostly be labor without much cost for materials, it has to happen!

  2. If there was ever a post that embodied how my brain worked, this one is it! I feel like I could have written this entire thing. I’m so with you in that no room is ever really complete, but that’s what is so fun about it! I really would never look at any of the rooms in your house and think, “That needs work.” Your home is beautiful, Shayna! And you’re totally right that we’re all our own worst critics. I look forward to all of your projects and the way you switch things up. 🙂

  3. I so get what you’re saying in this post, Shayna. I’ve recently decided I’m the same way, and it makes sense to me that our rooms speak to us and “tell” us what to do next. One day, it’s this room, and the next day it’s that room. Really, I love your style wherever it’s taking place and whatever stage it’s in.

  4. Shayna, I couldn’t agree more and I am so happy that there is another individual out there just like me! I base my projects off of time and money. If I am short on cash and time, I get the small stuff out of the way and save up for the bigger ones. I’m also constantly coming up with new ideas and pushing the old ones aside because I’m so excited about the new ones haha. 🙂

  5. I know how you feel. I am constantly changing things up around the house and it drives my husband nuts. He tells me I need to stay off Pinterest. I get too many ideas and switch things up around the house and then 6 months later I’m back in the same room doing another project. I do wish that I could feel satisfied with a room and that it’s complete. I tend to find myself wondering what else I can change or do.

  6. I get this Shayna, I really do. I think it’s all about fine-tuning and growing into a space. For me it feels like balancing out the rooms. We have one big area that needs a big overhaul (complete gutting more like) and I feel like none of the other rooms feel complete until that is done and I can start bringing them all together and changing things around.

  7. I knew I loved you for a reason. We are brain twins!!
    I do the same, exact, thing.
    I’m like a DIY bunny. I hop from one thing to the next, as my passion, budget and ideas dictate.

    Keep being all over the place.
    You are SO good at it.
    Hugs, Shan

  8. Oh don’t I know exactly what you mean!! I’m the same way with all of my projects. I love the fact that my home will never be “finished”. The dreaming and planning are my favorite part anyway. Keep it up, I always look forward to every post! Thank you so much for letting us enjoy your journey.

  9. When you have a home and garden it’s never really finished as something like repairs or new ideas or whatever it may be simply comes up and that’s OK. I used to get frustrated trying to “finish” a room but inspiration (like your blog) always gets in my way and it’s actually a good thing. I agree it’s about being content and grateful in that moment for what you have and continuing to reach for the stars with your dreams. Otherwise life simply stops if you don’t have any passion, dreams or goals. Great post. Exactly how many of us women who love to create a house into a home operate.

  10. Hello Shayna~ I admire that you are “all over the place”. Your home and blossoming business are wonderfully put together and beautiful. As a fellow Coloradan-I appreciate that your vision, creativity and hard work are representative of our majestic state. Keep up the magnificent work! I always look forward to seeing what you are up to.


  11. Loving this post, and couldn’t agree more! Personally, I found this method to work better as well so I don’t push myself to complete a project when I’m not ready to finish. Does that make sense? Sometimes I’ll start on the bathroom, and I’ll love everything except for one thing. Sometimes I won’t even know what that thing is! So, I’ll move on to the next project until I figure it out. I’m definitely a firm believer that you can only push creativity to a certain point, and then it needs to come to you. Thanks again for the post 🙂

  12. I was so glad to read that someone else is scattered and sure at the same time! And after reading others that commented, it isn’t an unusual frame of mind.
    I think my biggest stumbling block is $$$ but I’m learning how to live on a fixed income and still do what I dream one small piece at a time..You have inspired me with the plank them and they will look good in many of my rooms. Cannot wait!
    Just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to me. Thank you and keep creating!

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