Our Kitchen Island

I’m sharing all the details on our kitchen island and how great of a find it was for our kitchen! I’ve also found several similar options if you’re looking for something like it for your own home.

Lately, I’ve had several questions about our kitchen island, so today thought I’d answer your questions and tell you a bit more about it.

Kitchen Island at The Wood Grain Cottage

Our Kitchen Island

When we were designing our kitchen a few years back, I really wanted to have a kitchen island with a bit of contrast against our dark cabinets. I also liked the idea of having an island that looked like a piece of furniture. When we met with our cabinet company, I had them look for a kitchen island that had a butcher block top, shelves, drawers and a white/ cream finish. They found an absolutely beautiful island. It had a thick butcher block top, drawers for extra storage, a cabinet and shelves. It was lovely, and I was in love, but I almost fainted when they showed me the price. I knew what I wanted, but there was no way we could squeeze the island into our construction budget.

At that time, I was certain we would end up waiting until we saved up a bit more money and go without the island in the mean time. I was fine with it and had moved on for the moment.

Kitchen Island at The Wood Grain Cottage

Then, we made a trip to our local Home Depot to purchase a few light fixtures for the house. Right when we walked in the door, they had two islands sitting to the side. They were near exactly what I had been looking at with the cabinet company, except one was black and the other was cream with an antique glaze.

There were two major differences between the island at the cabinet store and the one at Home Depot. First, the island from the cabinet company was topped with genuine thick butcher block. The one at Home Depot was a fake butcher block. Second, was the price. Huge difference there!

Kitchen by The Wood Grain Cottage

I think I must have walked into Home Depot on the right day at the exact right time, because those islands were special ordered by someone else, they didn’t like them and they were on a major discount! There was absolutely nothing wrong with the island.

Kitchen Island at The Wood Grain Cottage

Before I knew it, I was skipping out of Home Depot with the biggest smile on my face, slightly dazed at what a lucky find we made.

Not only had I completely lucked out that the island was the exact size that we needed for our kitchen, but it was near identical to the one that I had been looking at with the cabinet company. And, we saved about $1,000.00. Oh happy day!

Kitchen by The Wood Grain Cottage

Since we’ve had it, I’ve definitely put it to use! It’s the first place I set something on when I walk in the door. I most definitely use it for cooking and entertaining, and it’s generally the first place I lay out my supplies to craft or paint. It’s even seen a few DIY projects that haven’t needed the garage.

This island has seen it all and more, and it’s still going strong! Eventually, I think we’ll replace the top with a thick piece of butcher block, but until then I’m completely happy with it!

Looking for a similar island? I’ve found several great options below!

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  1. I <3 your island, Shayna! Wish I had room for one…I can love yours from afar lol;) Loving the cream & glaze myself!!! Blessings & <3

  2. I just love your island! I have toyed with the idea of an island since we moved into this new house last year. You have really inspired me! I, too, have very dark cabinets and love how your creamy isdland looks with them. Beautiful!!!

    1. THANK YOU so very much! I love it too, and it really does make a lovely contrast with our dark cabinets! It also lightens things up a bit too. 😀

  3. Beautiful kitchen! Did the towel bar come with the island or did you add it? I’d love to know where you got it. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! The towel bar did come with the island. We bought it at Home Depot. I hope that helps! 🙂

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