Paper Wreath

Happy Monday!

We had a very busy weekend working on a couple of big landscaping projects… 4 ton of rock was involved… which had to be unloaded by hand. Enough said. More on that later though.

I must admit that I’ve recently become infatuated with The Nester’s wreath. So much in fact, that it was imperative I make my own. Seriously. So that’s what I did.

Easy peasy, really. I started with a basic wreath form, a thoughts dictionary, drew 2 different leaf sizes, and cut out about 562 leaves. That was the hardest part! Then I got busy hot gluing those paper leaves all over the wreath. So simple.

For now, it’s in the office. But I like it so much I may have to make another one for a different room. The wheels are spinning!

Major love peeps!

I love the texture of it. Every time I walk in to the room I smile, which means this project is a big success! It’s all about what makes you happy!

More later with the office. I’ve been a busy lady.

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