Easy Fall Table Setting

With Holiday entertaining right around the corner, I wanted to share an easy, fast and really pretty way to set your table. Nothing fancy is required, and it’s sure to be a show stopper!

Fall Table Setting by The Wood Grain Cottage

Have I ever mentioned how much I love soup? It’s one of my very favorite meals, especially during Fall and Winter. I could quite possibly eat soup every week. It’s cozy, comforting, yummy… and easy! So, I decided to share a “soup party” fall table setting idea. It’s so easy, you can definitely re-create this for your next gathering…

Fall Table Setting by The Wood Grain Cottage

To start the table setting, I used this plaid blanket from Ikea as my runner. I folded it into thirds, quickly ironed out the major wrinkles, then draped it over the table. From there, I added my place settings, and because this is a “soup party”, I made the bowl the center stage by setting it inside a small grapevine wreath. I found these at our small local craft store, but you can easily find them other places…

Fall Table Setting by The Wood Grain Cottage

The dishes are from my Joss & Main sale a little while back, and they are certainly loved. White dishes always allow for so much customizing and they always look great. I also made the napkin rings, which I’ll be sharing next week. It’s so easy, I think you may be like “Wow!”.

Fall Table Setting by The Wood Grain Cottage

But, I must admit, the focal point of the table is this utterly beautiful ironstone soup tureen I picked up at an antique mall for $20. That was such an amazing day… I may have even had soup…

Fall Table Setting by The Wood Grain Cottage

I sat it on a cutting board (which we will be selling in our online shop!!!) in the middle of the table, then used tree branches from outside to make a “wreath” around the base of the tureen. I say wreath loosely, because I just laid the small branches in a circle. They’re easy to move and re-position as needed. I shared another way to decorate with tree branches earlier, and theses are from the same tree, the beautiful Russian Olive. Oye, those branches are amazing. The white berries are gorgeous, and they pull in the napkin rings, which also have small white berries.

Fall Table Setting by The Wood Grain Cottage

Another reason I love this table setting, is because it’s not so grand it overwhelms the rest of the room. This fits perfectly with it’s surroundings, but it’s still beautiful and exciting…

Fall Table Setting by The Wood Grain Cottage

Fall Table Setting by The Wood Grain Cottage

I used simple glass water goblets, and then a clear glass pitcher, which ties them together as a set…

Fall Table Setting by The Wood Grain Cottage

But can we please just look at the gorgeous tree branches again? My heart skips when I look at them paired with the ironstone and cutting board. In my opinion it does not get any prettier….

Fall Table Setting by The Wood Grain Cottage

I know I say it all the time, but texture is such a huge element whenever you are creating anything “decor” related. Think of the different surfaces each item represents. The fluffy blanket, the tree branches, the lace napkins, cutting board, dishes, glasses, etc., all have different textures. Combining them all together is when the magic happens.

And another great thing about this setting, is that it can easily be adjusted based on the size of your table. It’s also ridiculously fast to put together. I spent about 15 minutes on it, and that includes cutting the branches and making the napkin rings…Fall Table Setting by The Wood Grain Cottage

I love hosting parties, but I know the “table setting” can sometimes be overwhelming. Often it’s not needed, but I do enjoy making my guests feel special. Setting the table in a simple, easy and pretty way is a sure fire win!

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I hope you enjoyed this easy fall table setting. I’ll be back Monday to share the tutorial for those napkin rings! 🙂

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  1. Love your table setting. What a great score on the soup tureen. I totally agree with you about the decorated table often not being needed, but I too like to make my guests feel special. ?
    P.S. Love your new pic on the side bar.

  2. Like your table. A plaid throw then the softness of lace on the napkin.

    What are the requirements to grow a Russian olive tree? Gotta have one!!!!!!!

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