Our Fall Front Window Box

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  1. Lilly Baldridge says:

    the window box looks fantastic. i heard you on the orange pumpkins. i had to bring mine in the house bc of the freezing temperatures. where do you get the kale cabbages? they really add texture and color to the wicker pumpkins which i also love! have a great weekend! (be back at 9 to check on the pillow, so excited!)

  2. Beauty is in simplicity for sure and your front window box is proof of this. I also really like how the light falls over the pumpkins. And I’m glad you left the ivy, it adds a unique charm and magic to the whole scenery. Thank you for sharing!

  3. […] right time to hang them up. I knew I wanted them on the front of the house, and when I decorated our front window box for fall, I pulled them out and started sticking them all around our front […]

  4. […] I’m hoping to change out our front window box display. Last year I kept it simple with wicker pumpkins, but this year I have an idea to use cornstalks. We’ll see how it turns […]

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