Our Christmas Traditions

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  1. logan wilhelm says:

    I liked hearing about your Christmas traditions, especially adopting a family in need. It might be too late, but will check around to see if still possible 2020. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Karen says:

    My Christmas tradition usually starts with decorating the house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. This year we had a family crisis (my daughter and her fiancé of 3 years ended their relationship the day after Thanksgiving) so we put decorating on hold to help her move with my two grandkids into our house. For the first time ever the grandkids helped me decorate two trees (that was fun!) and helped with wrapping gifts (why did I not think of this sooner?!). I like going to craft fairs this time of year but with Covid many of them were cancelled. No church sponsored nativities to attend or a Christmas parade. It’s just seemed “off” this year. I am trying really hard to stay in step with our traditions but this year it’s anything but traditional. We usually do Christmas Eve with my daughter and 2 grands and my son who also still lives at home. I’m looking forward to 2021 and hoping we’ll have some semblance of normal again.

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  4. Gail says:

    Our family does many of your Christmas traditions but once we had our girls two new traditions quickly became our favorites. Each girl had ( or made their own when they were old enough) a paper chain . Each night before Christmas they tore off one link until on Christmas Eve they tore the last one.
    But our most favorite was a poem that accompanied a jar filled with Hershey kisses, 24 for each night before Christmas. Each of them had their own and they recited this poem together.
    “ I”ll eat one candy every day til I know Santa’s own his way, and when there are no more to eat I”ll hear the sound of reindeer feet.
    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

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