Grain Sack Pillows

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  1. Stacey says:

    I love them too! Great job.

  2. Hi Shayna, I also love grain sacks and have a very small collection. The pillows turned out very well and are a nice touch to your breakfast nook.

    Pleasure to browse around.

    Have a nice St. Patrick’s Day.


  3. Oh my, what a feast for the senses. It looks like a place you could spend a week in and not tire of it. Love your pillows. There is just something about grainsack that is so appealing.
    Glad you found some for your dining room.

    • Shayna says:

      THANK YOU so very much, Pamela! I love how they look… I don’t get tired of looking at this room… love how it’s coming together! 😀

  4. Yes, Shayna … that is just what that built-in bench needed.
    Good job … the fabric is beautiful.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. Love the pillows! They are beautiful!

  6. Amy says:

    WOW!! I don’t know if i’d been able to contain my excitement either if I went there! And I know i’m going to be dreaming about it tonight when I go to bed! The pillows are beautiful, love love love them!

  7. Kris says:

    Gorgeous! I’m in love with old grainsack fabric too! Love them in almost any color-blue being my favorite. Your pillows are perfect!

    • Shayna says:

      THANK YOU so much, Kris! I love grain sack fabric too! Blue grain sack is so lovely… one day I might find some! 😀

  8. M says:

    Love ‘ em!!! That’s one of my fave patterns… you go girl:)
    As always, beautifully done… blessings & <3

  9. The pillows are lovely and look great on your built in, Shayna. I also love the look of grain sacks but have not found any that I can afford yet. I do have a linen tea toweling runner that has a grain sack look and a pillow and chair I painted with a faux grai nsack stripe.

    • Shayna says:

      THANK YOU so very much, Elizabeth! I know how you feel, grain sacks can be expensive. I didn’t think these were too bad, so I jumped on them! 😀

  10. Jenna Sue says:

    Perfection! Don’t you just love grain sack pillows? I made my own too a while ago (no sew—I stuffed pillows in the sacks and made bows for the tops). I need a sewing machine… the things I could do!

    • Shayna says:

      THANK YOU so very much, Jenna! I’m so in love with grain sack pillows… or grain sack anything! 😀
      If you get a sewing machine… watch out world! 😀

  11. Shawn says:

    So lovely!! Well done! 🙂

    Where did you find the fabric? I have been looking for reproduction fabric with no luck.

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  13. Kim Gaynor says:


    Based on the pillows you show in this post, I know you’ll be interested in the $65 Etsy shop giveaway I published on my blog this morning. 🙂

    Thought you might want to know.



  14. Kathy T. Bougues says:

    Hi Shayna,
    I just found your website and have fallen in love. I would like some advice if you don’t mind. I lost my job last year in the Oil/Gas crisis. I have always love DIY projects, sewing….just making things in general. I would like to open a store, but just don’t know where to start. I live in a small town with a larger town about 18 miles away. I was wondering if you sew a lot of your own things…like the ladders….etc. .I did see your post on the grain sack pillow….love grain sacks…..I love the apron….Do you buy from vendors? Where could I go to buy similar items? Would love some help in you can give me some….I live in North Louisiana….Thanks….

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