Concrete Pots

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  1. Christine King says:

    I can just hear my husband, ” What are you making from that blog you read now!” LOL.. I do love to try some of your projects~so creative! Now if I could get him to build me a shed out back to spruce up!

  2. nowathomemom says:

    These are really pretty Shayna! 🙂
    I always wanted to try making these and now I just might! 🙂 & I really love decorating my house with succulents as well, they don’t require a lot of water and they are pretty too!
    wish you a great day!

  3. I can now add one more project to my list of things I would like to do! 🙂 Super Easy and Super cute! 🙂

  4. M says:

    Funny, you were making ’em & I was spraying ’em!!! I put my house # on an old planter pot & spray painted it…nice, crisp gloss white:) Looks good…like your babies!!! Must be twins…lol;)
    Blessings & <3

  5. Love these! I love concrete pots! I am doing this and will link back to you! Love!!

  6. Debbi Hill says:

    If you want to see some unique planters made from concrete then check out my partners creations…..woodland bark effect planters, stepping stones, vases and cactus planters. Available from

  7. Suzanne B says:

    I LOVE these! Can’t wait to make some! Are these pots any heavier than a pottery style pot of same size?

    Any idea, roughly, how much one pot used, of said ingredients?

    I am thinking bigger………like anywhere from 8 – 10 inches. I wonder how easy it would be to drill a hole…..or add something in the bottom to make a drainage hole. I won’t be using succulents presently, and if so, would the added water from “watering” cause the pot to degrade faster? Since you just made, them, you probably have no idea…..but I wanted to ask anywhere.

    I love them………very much!


    • Shayna says:

      Hi Suzanne! THANK YOU so much for the super sweet comment!
      The pots are a little bit heavier than normal and the bigger you make them, the heavier they will be. To measure the ingredients, I used a 24 oz plastic sour cream container. I filled the container twice with each ingredient. I’ve also used the same supplies to make 2 pumpkins, as well as the pots, and there is still a bunch left of each item.
      For drainage, it would be simple to drill a few small holes (or 1 large) in the bottom of the pots. I don’t think the excess water for regular plants would harm them. I planted mums in my concrete pumpkins (link below) and they have held up great to constant watering. They will darken, but the outside dries out pretty fast.
      I hope that answers your questions! Let me know if you have anymore! 🙂

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