My Favorite Throw Pillows

On the hunt for new throw pillows? Keep reading to see my favorite throw pillows and the different combinations for pairing them together, as well as several pillow tricks!

Throw pillows. Man do I love them. There’s nothing quite like the ease of being able to completely change up, or freshen the look of a space just with switching out the throw pillows.

Truly, it’s that easy. Which is why I continue to use this as one of my favorite ways to constantly keeping my home feeling fresh and updated!

A picture of my breakfast nook with throw pillows on the bench.

My Favorite Throw Pillows

Today I’m sharing several of my favorite throw pillows. I admit, the list is long and always evolving, but as I was browsing around, each one of these pillows caught my eye! And by now, you probably know how much I love neutrals!

A picture showing my favorite pillows.

Pillow One // Pillow Two // Pillow Three // Pillow Four // Pillow Five // Pillow Six // Pillow Seven // Pillow Eight // Pillow Nine // Pillow Ten

You can find each pillow cover here:

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Admittedly, we’d all need a large walk in closet to store all of our throw pillows, but the great thing about each of these, is that they’re actually pillow covers. Which means, all you need is to buy the pillow form once and switch out the cover as many times as you want.

Now, instead of a closet, we just need a drawer (or two) to keep a beautiful array of pillow covers so you can easily swap them out whenever the seasons change, or if you want to freshen up your space. It couldn’t be easier!

Throw Pillow Combinations

Not sure which pillows to pair together? I’ve got you covered! Below I’m sharing several different pillow groupings as a no fail way to decorate your couch, bed, bench or any other space you want to add pillows!

A picture showing white and blue pillow coverings together.

Find each pillow here:

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A picture showing black and white pillow covers together.

Find each pillow here:

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A picture showing black, white and cream pillow covers together.

Find each pillow here:

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A picture showing black, white and floral pillow covers together.

Find each pillow here:

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A picture showing cream, floral and striped pillow covers together.

Find each pillow here:

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Throw Pillow Insert

And of course, now that you have the pillow cover, you need the actual pillow form. In my humble opinion, there’s nothing worse than taking a beautiful pillow cover and inserting a lumpy poly filled pillow form. Please don’t do that. In order to make your pillow look the absolute best (I promise!), use a down or down alternative pillow insert.

Below are several great options and they come in multiple sizes!

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I also like to size up on my pillow insert, making it a few inches bigger than the actual cover I’m using.

For example, if I’m buying an 18″x18″ cover, I use a 20″x20″ pillow insert. If I’m buying a 20″x20″ cover, I use a 22″x22″ pillow insert, and so on.

Your pillow will always look full and beautiful and with the insert being down or down alternative (rather than poly filled), you’ll get that beautiful “pillow chop” right in the middle. There’s nothing more rewarding for a pillow.


I hope this was helpful! Throw pillows really are such an easy and great way to liven up your space!

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