15 Random Facts About Me

I think basically everyone has their “quirks”. Be that something strange, or specific things you must do every day. I’m certainly not immune to that, so today I thought I’d share 15 random fact about myself. It’ll also help you get to know more about the girl behind the blog a little bit better too. 🙂

It’s a win, win!

15 Random Fact About Me by The Wood Grain Cottage

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So, let’s take a peek at the odd person I am…


If I need to get house work done, a project finished, or bake something, I always watch Harry Potter. I’ve read the books and watched the movies too many times to count, so I can easily get so much done (not even kidding) when I have that in the background. I’m not exactly sure what it is, other than the fact that I love it, but the noise, the music, basically everything, puts me in my element and my productivity goes through the roof. I’ll start with the first movie and switch out the DVD’s to follow the sequence of the books. Anthony knows my style, but he’ll always be like “Oh… Harry Potter, again…?”. 😉

As a side note, if I turn on the Hallmark channel, I don’t accomplish near as much. Those Hallmark movies suck me right in… (Am I alone in that??)


I listen to music and sing every day. I mentioned my favorite music speaker in this post, but I seriously listen to music all day every day…. when Harry Potter isn’t on. Haha. When the music isn’t playing, I’m often singing songs I’ve listened to, or making up my own versions. (I didn’t just admit that, did I? Slightly embarrassing.)

As a side note, Anthony doesn’t think I’m a good singer. Haha. Car rides are not our finest moments. I listen to music, loudly, and he listens to it at a whisper. I sing along to music, he listens with a stoneface. Needless to say, if I start singing, I get “the look”. I generally sleep during car rides. 🙂


Lauren Daigle (this CD) will always bring me out of any “funk” I have going on. If I’m sad, depressed, worried, mad, frustrated, etc. I play this CD. I come right out of it.


I love my shows. Thank goodness for the DVR, because I can record my favorite shows and watch them when I have a spare moment, or at night when I’m eating dinner and Anthony is out on the tractor. (I don’t even give him the opportunity to make fun of my shows. 🙂 ) Right now, these rank at the top of my favorites: When Calls The Heart, Good Witch, Cedar Cove, Once Upon A Time, etc.


I make our bed every single day. My day is not complete, and I can’t function if I know it’s not made. Not even kidding.

15 Random Fact About Me by The Wood Grain Cottage


I still have two baby teeth… much to my dismay. I need to have some dental work done, but it’s not going to be very fun and I’ve been putting it off. I’m already preparing myself for the horror.


One of my favorite childhood memories (there are many… I had a wonderful childhood), is of my dad taking me to irrigate crops with him on the farm. My stride was much smaller than his, so I’d be jogging to keep up. When I got too tired he’d carry me over his shoulder, bouncing me as we went and calling me a “sack of potatoes”. He’s my favorite, but so is my mom and the rest of my family.

15 Random Fact About Me by The Wood Grain Cottage


I put motivational/ encouraging quotes all over my office. Running a business is hard, and fear can overwhelm me if I let it sink it. I choose to overcome it.


I wear the same fluffy slippers as middle school. My brother bought them for me as a Christmas gift when he was in high school. They’re the most comfortable slippers I own, and even though I’ve bought other slippers, nothing compares to my fluffy angel slippers from Old Navy. Luckily, they’re still in pretty good shape, so I have several more years with them. I just throw them in the wash when they need a pick me up.


I love cereal. I could easily eat this for all of my meals and snacks. 🙂


I tell Anthony every day how handsome I think he is. He looks good in basically everything he wears, so every morning while he eats breakfast I let him know it. Haha. His reaction is always my favorite, and I think he’s catching onto me.

15 Random Fact About Me by The Wood Grain Cottage


I absolutely love to bake and take yummy treats to everyone who’s doing farm work. They’re always happy to see me pull into the field… I like to think it’s me, but I know the goodies are part of the happiness.

15 Random Fact About Me by The Wood Grain CottageMini Cherry Pies


I’m a positive person. I always look at things on the bright side, and my glass is always half full.


I wish I would have taken some business classes. Everything we do is by the seat of our pants, and while it’s fun to do and design everything ourselves, it would be so helpful to know if we’re doing things right.


I get overwhelmed by clutter very quickly.  I can’t handle it, so when my office is a mess, I try to avoid it until it mocks me. My office is by far the worst room in the house, and as much as I try to tame the mess, implement new organizational strategies, etc., it always gets the best of me. I have a plan though, and I’m hoping I can solve my mess once and for all.

What We've Been Up To by The Wood Grain Cottage

Bonus Fact:

I’m a dreamer. I like to come up with new ideas. Be that houses, restaurants, businesses, etc., I always have new ideas floating around in my head. Anthony knows when I say “You Know…”, or “What If…” that something is a’ movin’ and a’ shakin’ in my ol’ brain. I guess it’s part of my charm. 🙂


I hope you enjoyed reading some new things about me. As I was typing this out, I thought of about 10 more, so maybe one day I’ll do a “Part 2”. 

But I’m curious, do we have any of the same, dare I say it, “quirks”? If so, I guess we’re awesome then! 🙂

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  1. First off, it’s great for you to share what makes you tick! That said, I’m a pixel/hallmark junkie! Love the wholesomeness if all the programming. Second, music makes a body just feel better! Thirdly, bed made period. Fourthly, my workroom is trashed but I know where every last screw, color, brush etc. is. I too am a classically trained chef and specialize in pastries and sugar art. People in general are pretty much the same from all corners of the globe. I will NEVER believe anything other than that the majority of folks are good hearted people. And that our differences are what make life interesting. Continue loving life and it will love you back. Be Blessed and Be A Blessing, Hope

  2. I guess I have a daily routine that I follow, one cup of coffee, shower, make-up, just feel better when I have my lipstick on. Bed always has to be made, it would drive me crazy all messy. I try to keep house in order, I always have my Yankee Candles lit, they just make me happy! Like you , I like to bake and share, just makes a person feel good. I wish you could go to my dentist, he is the greatest! One more thing , I have to feed my birds , looking out my kitchen window at those red birds, reminds me of all the beauty God made?.

  3. A big YES to Harry Potter in the background, also Lord of the Rings, and Sherlock! I also listen to music all day and sing loudly!

  4. What a sweet post! Thank you for sharing. My teens always read and watch Harry Potter over and over again – they lost count as well. They say that they frequently discover new things about it. I only make my bed when I change the bedding. I just fluff the blankets and start my day without another thought about it. In the beginning it wasn’t easy to ignore my mom’s words in the back of mind saying…’you’ll feel better if you make your bed’…:) Years back I have decided that I would feel good regardless.
    I always need to listen to music or inspirational audio. I believe you were the one who introduced me to Natalie Grant. Was it you? I like the part you wrote about singing out loud…so sweet. Don’t stop. As for the business, you can always learn so much by studying successful people, but I think you are doing great. If you always follow your gut feeling, you will do well! Or, you can always check out your local community college for a class if you feel the need.

  5. As a newer follower, it is so great getting to know you better! You’re very honest and down to earth. And sweet. And married to a handsome guy. 😀

    I make my bed everyday. It really makes me feel centered. Definitely up and ready for the day and after a long day, I know I have that cozy oasis! Staying organized is hard for me…and the clean freak as I am, I will scrub a sink before I will unbury a fave pair of earrings on my dresser!

    Yes…do a part 2!


  6. This’s was a great post, it’s nice to get to know you better. It’s also nice to know someone has the same “quirks” as I do, not so lonely! I have to make my bed in the AM, even if I’m running late. Clutter makes me anxious and twitchy. Love to bake, it’s relaxing for me and I like giving the baked goods to other people. Enjoy your blog…it’s so down to earth and honest.

  7. Hi Shayna,
    I’m with you on making the bed. That’s huge to me! Also, love Lauren Daigle! You know, your quirks are good ones!

  8. I really enjoyed this! I did get distracted for a while when I linked to Lauren Daigle’s sample music on Amazon- I wasn’t familiar with her and wanted to check it out. I love her music and added it to my prime music library.
    Thank you!

  9. Fun post! Thanks for sharing! I enjoy getting to know you! I am like you, I have to make our bed or I cannot get on with the day. And I too, hate clutter. I wish I could find the music that would totally motivate me. It seems like I get really motivated to do things around the house in the morning, but then I must stop and go off to my job. Hmmm, there is something psychological there, but I am not sure what it is. 😉 I have been enjoying your blog for a few months now and am always happy to read your new posts!

  10. I learned tons of new things about my sweet niece today. You are awesome, Shayna, and I love you.

  11. Thanks for giving us a little more detail about the “girl behind the blog” LOl!! I too LOVE Hallmark. I LOVE “When Calls The Heart” and “Good Witch” I’m also excited about the new show they have coming up this summer :)!! I think we all have our quirks and such. You sound a lot like me. I too am very positive, HAVE to have my bed made, hate clutter, love Lauren Daigle and Harry Potter! I’m sure we’d be friends if we didn’t have the terrible awful state of Kansas between us LOL!! thanks for sharing. Your home is BEAUTIFUL and I love reading about you and your farm and business. I too am an entrepreneur, always dreaming about the next “thing!” Blessings from Missouri my friend!

  12. Loved reading through this; I absolutely relate to the feeling of being held against my will in a state of confusion and panic if our bed isn’t made daily, too! 🙂 And, I also have two baby teeth that I had ‘bonded’ so they called it – don’t ask me what that is, but it allowed me to hang on to them and they are much stronger. 🙂 Loved the recipe for the mini cherry pies, too! Thank you! Have a lovely sweet day. 🙂

  13. I’ve followed your blog for a few years now and love it! Your style and blog entries are so inspiring.
    Keep up the good works and quirks are what make us!
    Yes to part 2.

  14. I also have my quirks, different than yours but I am definitely in the same frame of mind about making the bed everyday. My garage is equal to your office. Thanks for posting this as I am a long time reader so it is nice to know you a little better.

  15. Love, love, love Lauren Daigle! Her song, “Trust” spoke to my heart months ago(have you watched the one on Youtube where she sings with 2 guys recorded in a house?). I have been on a journey with my health(possible thyroid cancer) for the past couple of months. During this time, my husband & I volunteered to help at her merchandise table at a local Winterjam concert. We were incredibly blessed to meet Lauren after the show. I explained to her about what the song meant to me especially right now. She was so sweet & sincere with words of encouragement. She even prayed with us.

    Sorry, didn’t meant to ramble. Your blog has been an encouragement to me. One of my favorites was the one with husbands styling & what he had to say about you 🙂

  16. Harry Potter is the best! If you haven’t been to Universal in Orlando it’s an amazing trip – it’s like being in the books and movies!

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