Quick Mudroom Update

My typical house project list is fueled off of my uncanny ability to walk by any room in our house and see something it’s missing. You can image how exciting and frustrating that can be at the same time. Just when I think a room is finished, or good enough in the big scheme of things, I’ll walk by and instantly see something I’ve missed before. And so the pattern goes something like this: I finish a project, love it, live with it for several months, and finally walk by it and see something I’ve missed. The project starts again, and I finish what was missing. This pattern repeats as time passes, which means I’m constantly tweaking and rearranging.

Our mudroom fell under the same pattern.

Quick Mudroom Update by The Wood Grain CottageQuick Mudroom Update by The Wood Grain Cottage

A few years ago, I wanted to give it a bit of a makeover to help it look and function better for the house. We installed the new wall paneling, a wall shelf, and our floating bench. They’re all things I love, but the problem was, the other half of the room felt ignored. Since we only installed the paneling on the two main walls in the mud room, the other wall area felt separated from the group. So one day, as I was carrying laundry through the mudroom, it hit me, just like it always does. I instantly thought, “those walls need the same paneling installed”, and so while we were working on a few other projects, I had Anthony help me finish these three tiny pieces to complete the room.

It was fast, easy and well worth it.

We started with this…

Quick Mudroom Update by The Wood Grain Cottage

We had the extra material to finish the walls in the garage, so we ripped down the paneling, and nailed it in place…

Quick Mudroom Update by The Wood Grain Cottage

Quick Mudroom Update by The Wood Grain Cottage

We finished the other walls…

Quick Mudroom Update by The Wood Grain Cottage

And then added the top board…

Quick Mudroom Update by The Wood Grain Cottage

I caulked everything, and then painted the paneling Super White by Benjamin Moore. Once the paneling was painted, I realized the wall color (Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore) was looking a little too “pink” for my liking with the new paneling.

Since I had all of my painting supplies out, I repainted the top portion of our little mudroom. White Dove (also Benjamin Moore) to the rescue! 🙂

Quick Mudroom Update by The Wood Grain Cottage

White Dove and Super White are two of my very favorite colors. White Dove is a bit softer than Super White, and they look beautiful together. Very soft and neutral, making them a perfect backdrop for any accessories.

Quick Mudroom Update by The Wood Grain Cottage

And on the other side of the room, we installed these new hooks from Hobby Lobby…

Quick Mudroom Update by The Wood Grain Cottage

Our previous hooks looked nice, but they weren’t quite big enough to handle our coats and hats. The new hooks are plenty big, which makes it much easier to hang bulky coats, hats and any of my bags.

I’ll be sharing a few more simple updates to this room soon. I’m getting ready to order a few new things that should really spiff it up!

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  1. I just love the way this space has turned out! It looks beautiful! I’d love to know where you got the monogram pillow on the bench. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your home!

  2. Crazy how just a few tweaks can make such a difference! I’m so jealous of all of you who have Hobby Lobby and IKEA nearby but I’m going on a road trip tomorrow and will be near both of them making my list now.

  3. I do the exact same thing. I am constantly changing and switching things. I think I drives my husband crazy…no, I know it does. Ha I love the wall paneling you put up. I love the new hooks too. I really need to do some tweeks to my mudroom. You have inspired me.

  4. I love the extra character this adds! And I don’t think I had ever seen your floating bench before, but holy cow that is the most perfect thing!

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