My Favorite Rugs

I get asked a lot about the rugs throughout our home, so today I’m spilling the details. I hope this helps, especially if you’re on the rug hunt!

I know how hard it can be to find good rugs! Do they fit the room? Are they comfortable? Do they hide dirt? Do they stain, snag or fall apart? Those are all questions I ask as I searched for a new rug. And since rugs tend to be an expensive investment, at least for good quality, you want to know you’re getting a nice rug that will last… am I right?!

Here are my favorite rugs (so far!)…

My Favorite Rugs by The Wood Grain Cottage

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 1. World Market / 2. IKEA / 3.  Overstock / 4.  Wayfair / 5. IKEA / 6. Overstock / 7. IKEA / 8. Overstock 

Below you’ll find the link for each rug, complete with my thoughts/ review…

  1. World Market: I stumbled upon this rug by accident. I’ve been on the hunt for a rug that would go in our hallway, but never quite found the right one for the size, material or price. I’ve also been loving the subtle pops of pattern lately, so this rug fit the bill in more ways than one. It’s soft underfoot, has a subtle pattern, good quality and will stand up to the heavier traffic area of our home… the hallway. I’m so happy for this find! My Favorite Rugs by The Wood Grain Cottage

2. IKEA: My first IKEA rug purchase, and it turned out to be a good one! We needed something to appropriately fit all of the furniture in the living room, and the price and size of this rug was perfect. We’ve had it for a couple of years, and I can honestly say the quality has been superb. It looks just like the day we bought it. My Favorite Rugs by The Wood Grain Cottage3. Overstock: This was my first “jute” rug purchase many years ago. Other than it being a tiny bit small for our room (I should have bought the 5×8), this rug is perfect. It has a nubbier weave, which I happen to love because of the added texture. It’s soft to walk on, and it always looks fresh and fabulous!My Favorite Rugs by The Wood Grain Cottage4. Wayfair: I’ve really been into the “layered rug” look lately. I couldn’t find the link for the exact rug I do have, but this one is very similar in style and pattern. The subtle pattern of this rug is perfect paired with our large jute rug, number two on this list. I love the white mixed in with the jute, and the instant burst of freshness it adds to the room. It’s soft, subtle and gorgeous to look at!

My Favorite Rugs by The Wood Grain Cottage

 5. IKEA: I love our kitchen runners! They’re more of an indoor/outdoor feel-type rug, and I enjoy their large size and easy cleaning abilities. They’re not the softest to walk on, but they are definitely not bad either. I would buy them again without any worries.My Favorite Rugs by The Wood Grain Cottage

6. Overstock: Our entry rug takes a beating. Living on a farm, there’s no shortage of mud, rocks, dirt or snow. This rug takes it like a champ. It actually has a lining on the back side which makes it perfect for the amount of dirt it sees in a week. I love that it doesn’t look dirty (when in fact it is!), and that it’s easy to vacuum. The black edging gives it a classic look, which I love. My Favorite Rugs by The Wood Grain Cottage

7. IKEA: Ah, the beautiful sheepskin rug… faux of course, but lovely. I loved adding these to the house at Christmas time, and I look forward to the warmth they provide. They’re a little bit harder to vacuum, but worth it. They’re extremely soft to walk on too! My Favorite Rugs by The Wood Grain Cottage

8: Overstock: I bought our dining room rug when we first moved in, but it’s too small. That doesn’t mean I don’t love it though! I should have bought it in the bigger size, but thought I could stretch it. Now that we have the black chairs, they don’t fully fit on the rug. Never the less, this rug is a beauty to look at with its nubby texture and frayed ends. It’s held up great over the years, and I would give the under foot softness a 7 out of 10.My Favorite Rugs by The Wood Grain Cottage


Now for a few tips I’ve picked up over the years of owning jute/sisal rugs:

  1. They hide dirt and crumbs amazingly well. If you have small kids, pets, lots of dirt, etc., then these are the rugs for you. You’ll almost think they don’t need to be vacuumed. Almost. 
  2. My pets haven’t bothered the rugs. We have two kitties, and they don’t pay attention to the rugs… other than to lay on them. They don’t claw, scratch or bite. Perhaps I have good kitties? 
  3. They shed, especially in the beginning. And when I say shed, I mean dirt. When you move the rug you’ll notice plenty of dirt to make you want to toss them right out the door. No, your husband hasn’t been sweeping things under the rug. This is normal, and it will subside as you use the rug, and vacuum.
  4. They’re spot clean only. I have cleaned a few spots by soaking that area thoroughly with water, and then air drying. But as far as actually hosing them down, I wouldn’t recommend it. 
  5. The nubby weave can sometimes come unraveled. When this happens, I’ll either push the material back down into the rug, or trim it off. Works like a charm!

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, leave them in the comment section below! Happy rug shopping! 🙂 

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  1. Thanks for the great post on your rugs! Perfect timing! I’ve been serching for a large Jute/Sisal rug for our great room. Thanks for all the great places to shop!

  2. You have no idea how timely this was! Girl, you just saved me tons of time searching and I sure appreciate you! Thanks so much. Very thorough.
    PS I’m ordering two of your rugs tomorrow! You should get your commission.

  3. This is a wonderful post – extremely helpful! I am in the process of switching out all of my floral wool hooked rugs for neutral natural fiber ones, so your post is perfect for me. Several of the rugs you mention are ones I had been considering, so it is great to get an honest opinion from you, especially since you have had them for quite some time. Thank you for posting this – you have really helped me make some major decor decisions!

  4. This is so helpful! I love that you rated your dining room rug a 7-out-of-10 for softness…Is there a chance you could rate the others for softness as well. After having a rug that was anything but soft, this has been my biggest concern about buying another jute rug. Thanks!

  5. Your so lucky your cats don’t scratch your rugs. My cat thinks my rugs are one big scratching post even though we have those for him 🙁 I guess it could be worse as he could have chosen the furniture or even the carpet. I have slowly started to replace my looped rugs with pile ones and it’s better but Jute is probably an even better solution.

  6. You need to know, your style is AMAZING! Checking your site out (again) for ideas. Thanks for your tips!

  7. I love how rugs completely transform a space and add warmth and texture! Below are a few rugs I currently have in my home and where to find them! I tend to always lean toward more neutral rugs so that pops of color can be changed out seasonally with decorative items like pillows and plants.

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