The Shop Opens In One Day!

Today is Thursday, so that means… THE SHOP OPENS IN ONE DAY! That’s right, at midnight tonight the shop will be open to take orders!

One Day Until The Shop Opens- The Wood Grain Cottage

I have been so blown away by your support and well wishes. Thank you so much for everything! I truly hope you love the shop as much as we have loved putting it together!

Today, I want to talk about one of our most popular items, our How Great Thou Art pillow. Often times, an idea strikes my mind and I drop everything to make it come to life. This was the case with the pillow. I made one on a whim to take with us to our first Vintage Whites Market, and watched as it was bought within the first moments of the market opening. The same thing happened when we went to our second market, only this time we took about 10 of them. 

And as beautiful as this pillow is, I want you to know that it’s so much more than a pillow. It’s a hymn I’ve always loved. It’s a hymn I sing almost daily around the house, and it’s a hymn that brings me great peace. Little did I know, sooo many of you feel the exact same way. You have e-mailed, begging me to sell this pillow. It reminds you of certain people, specific memories, and your home is not complete until it sits on your couch. I am so happy you feel like that, because I do too!

Like many of our items, this pillow is handmade. We have the screen printing done professionally, but the sewing is done by us. We take great pride in giving you excellent quality, all while preserving the handmade nature we all love. You will see slight imperfections and subtle variations between pillows. We have done this on purpose. These pillows are hand. made. We have put our heart and soul into them, so when you open your box and hug this pillow to your chest, know we have done the exact same thing. 

With all of that said, we do have a bunch of these pillows in stock, but I will say, this item has been hugely popular. If you want it, order early. We will be making more of them, but I can’t guarantee a specific time frame. 

Get ready, because the shop opens tonight at midnight! 

ONE DAY left…

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  1. I love the How Great Thou Art pillow. That hymn always reminds me of my grandma. The family would gather around her out of tune piano while she played, and we would all sing the hymn.
    I saw a church sign one day that said, “It will work out perfectly when Jesus takes control.”
    Have fun and best wishes with the opening of your online shop!!

  2. Shayna & Anthony ~
    You must be so excited for today. I wish you so much love for a successful online shop.
    Many hugs and smiles for you today.
    God Bless you both, but I think He has already.


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