Master Bathroom Demo

Our master bathroom tile is officially gone! I’m sharing the progress update from the demolition. And yikes, our house is a total disaster! 😀

Master Bathroom Demo by The Wood Grain Cottage

Last time I updated you on our master bathroom we were in the process of meeting with our contractor and the tile guy to begin the first phase of ripping out our existing bathroom tile. Since it leaked like a sieve, and had already done plenty of damage, Anthony and I decided to start over. Our leaky shower was on its way out!

Monday the crew came to start demoing the bathroom. If you’ve ever done any remodeling, you know how much of a mess it makes. It basically affects the entire house, not just that room. We have a thick coat of dust throughout the entire house. Yucky…

Master Bathroom Demo by The Wood Grain Cottage

Because our master closet is connected to our bathroom, I had to entirely remove the contents. Our closet is now the guest bedroom, and all our bathroom items are shoved into the guest bathroom. Our bedroom is the construction zone, and I swear, the dust is raining in there. But, it’s all for the good of the cause.

Master Bathroom Demo by The Wood Grain Cottage

Tuesday our tile guy began installing the new hardibacker throughout the bathroom, and then focused on water sealing all the joins. No more leaking! Yesterday, he worked on pouring our new shower pan, and started installing tile!

Master Bathroom Demo by The Wood Grain Cottage

I cannot wait to see this bathroom come full circle. Since we had to get the demo done Monday (no if’s, and’s, or but’s…) I had to step in and spend my day working on the demo as well…. I am officially ready for a new bathroom. Especially since we haven’t used our bathroom in almost a month, and we still found water under our shower pan, and the rubber lining….

Master Bathroom Demo by The Wood Grain Cottage

But onto bigger and brighter things, the next time I share an update we should have the new tile installed! I’m so looking forward to it!



  1. Good Luck!
    I really hate construction but love it when it’s done.
    It’ll be great to have it done & repaired.

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