How To Decorate with Wood

I’m a nature girl. I love neutrals, accents of wood, and anything I can bring in from outside to decorate with. So, when my sweet friend Stacy from Not Just A HouseWife asked me to join in on her series, Styled by 3, I couldn’t wait to see what she would come up with.

Before I tell you exactly what her series is about, let me tell you a bit about Stacy, and how we met. Last year, I went to a blogging conference in Atlanta called Haven. To be frank, I was a bit nervous. Having never been to a conference before, or actually meeting any of the other attendees (other than just though their blogs and e-mail), I didn’t really know anyone. It’s a wee bit intimidating. One morning, I was in the main ball room eating breakfast and chatting with my good friend, and seriously sweet, Roeshel, when Stacy and her hubby came over and started up a conversation. I loved meeting them, so down to Earth, real and funny!

Fast forward to Snap blogging conference this April, and I got to see, and chat with Stacy a lot. We were in the same group of ladies, and spent our nights, days and meals laughing, talking, telling stories, laughing, and laughing. Did I mention laughing? She’s sooo funny, tells great stories and isn’t afraid to be herself. So refreshing! I truly consider Stacy one of my friends. And I’m so proud of her. She wrote a book. Yes, a real book, which I can’t wait to share with you a bit later.

Now that you know about how I met Stacy, let me tell you about her Styled by 3 series. Every month, she teams up with two other bloggers and sends them an item they need to use and photograph in their home. Sounds easy, right? Only you have no idea what you’re getting until it shows up on your door step. But Stacy, well, she knows me. So having a piece of wood delivered, well that was like cake. 😀

So here’s how to decorating with wood. Even just a chunk of it. 🙂

Decorating with Mopani Wood. By The Wood Grain Cottage

Personally, I love using it as an accent piece in a vignette….

Decorating with Mopani Wood. By The Wood Grain Cottage

It’s full of texture too…

Decorating with Mopani Wood. By The Wood Grain Cottage

It would look amazing on a bookshelf, or even piled high in a big bowl with it’s friends.

Decorating with Mopani Wood. By The Wood Grain Cottage

The uses, are endless…

Decorating with Mopani Wood. By The Wood Grain Cottage

Sometimes, I think a random item such as this wouldn’t really be considered for decorating. I’m here to tell you, those items often make the best choices for adding character, charm, and your own unique touch!

Decorating with Mopani Wood. By The Wood Grain Cottage

styledx3 banner

Now, be sure to take a minute and see what Stacy and Ashley did with theirs!

Stacy- Not Just A HouseWife

Ashley- Cherished Bliss

I can’t wait- it’s fun to see what we all do with the same items!

Have a great day! 🙂

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  1. Ooooo! I am jealous! Yours has a fun shape! I love how it blends in so naturally with your existing decor! Perfection 🙂 Thank again for doing this with me.

  2. I’m here for the first time from Stacy’s blog, and you definitely have a new follower! I’m supposed to be working right now, but I’ve been here for hours looking around instead. I love your decorating style, and those shelves in your dining room are what my dreams are made of. So happy I found you!!

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