Freshly Painted Dining Room

Well…. I decided to paint the dining room. I’ve been wanting to give it a new coat of paint for months now, but haven’t had the time. I’ve been spending my time on other projects, like the fixer upper, and the office, but it finally bugged me enough to do it.

Here’s the sneak peek I shared on Instagram

 Painted Dining Room by The Wood Grain Cottage

Earlier on, I was on a mission to find my style (you can read part one here and part two here) and make our home feel more like us. Removing the blue paint colors throughout was the first step, and I’ve been slowly moving from room to room with new paint.

So, here are our freshly painted dining room walls… please excuse the mess…

Painted Dining Room by The Wood Grain Cottage

Our original walls were painted with Tranquility by Benjamin Moore. Truly, it’s a lovely color. I really liked it, but I knew the color wasn’t the direction we ultimately needed to go, so it was time to repaint.

Enter in Halo by Benjamin Moore. This color is perfect. I like it so much, that this is the third room I’ve painted it with. It’s also in the laundry room and office. It’s such a warm color, without any blush or pink undertones, which is a must for me. It’s true undertone is gray.

Painted Dining Room by The Wood Grain Cottage

It also looks fabulous with white and wood. Done and done!

And as soon as I was done painting… Anthony helped me start another dining room project, which explains why the room is a complete mess in the pictures above… I wish I could tell you it looks better at this exact moment, but that would be a big fat fib…

I can’t wait to show you what we else we finished… needless to say, the dining room doesn’t even look the same… at all! 😀

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    1. Hi Lydia! The ceiling is a different color. It is super white, in flat, by Benjamin Moore.
      I hope that helps! 😀

  1. That’s such a pretty color. I have a question, do you use Benjamin Moore paint, or just have the color custom mixed with another brand of paint? I love so many of the colors, but that brand of paint is so pricey!

    1. Hi Lacy! I love Benjamin Moor colors, but I have them mixed at our local Ace Hardware in either Ace Royal or Clark & Kensington paint. Our Ace Hardware did sell the Benjamin Moore colors, but they recently switched to Valspar. But because they have mixed them before, and for so long, they’ll still mix them for me. 😀
      I hope that helps!

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