Boxwood Walkway

Boxwoods. I love them. Last year I was able to line half of our front entry walkway with them, but I wasn’t able to find enough of them before the season changed and Home Depot sold out.

So, our house sat for almost a year, with only one side lined with boxwoods. Classy.

Any time someone came over, I just waited for them to point out the fact that we were missing a whole side of plants. They probably thought we were a bit odd. But because I couldn’t help but acknowledge their odd stare as they walked up to our house, looking at one side of the walkway, then vaguely at the other, I had to fill them in on my plan. And a plan I did have!

I knew that if I timed it right the next year, I would be able to buy my beloved boxwoods while they were trying to get rid of them near the end of the season. And that’s just what a I did! I basically stalked those plants. Every time I made a trip to Home Depot, which is admittedly is a lot, I’d walk by to stare at them. I’d make sure they were healthy and taken care of, that there were still as many as I needed and to double check the price.

My wait paid off, because one day I walked into the shrub section and found a big “sale” sign. And that was that.

I’m so happy I don’t need to awkwardly point out my plan anymore, because we have an actual two sided boxwood walkway. And that, my friends, is very exciting!

Boxwood Walkway by The Wood Grain Cottage

I may have spent an entire day digging the holes, but man was it worth it…

Boxwood Walkway by The Wood Grain Cottage

Anthony was working in the field while I dug holes, so it was fun to be able to take a break and wave to him every time he got close to the house… secretly I like to think he felt sorry for me, but I’m sure he got quite a kick out of watching me jump up and down on the shovel digging through rock. 😀

Boxwood Walkway by The Wood Grain Cottage

But, these lovely plants have made all the difference to our curb appeal… and yet they’ve also added even more to my do list.

Boxwood Walkway by The Wood Grain Cottage

Now, I’m ready to get started with the landscaping edging, fabric and rock.

But even though it’s not officially finished, I really love the view from our front door…

Boxwood Walkway by The Wood Grain Cottage

It also doesn’t hurt to have a handsome guy waiting for me…

Boxwood Walkway by The Wood Grain Cottage

Oh, happy day! That’s one project I’m glad to have off my to do list. Now to get started on the next…

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  1. Now I am stalking you! I just told my {first} husband that I want to line a section of our backyard with boxwoods! I also stalk HD! laura

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