Combining Corn

It’s been a busy week on the farm. The snow has finally melted and we’ve been able to get our corn out. Last year we were able to harvest it around Thanksgiving, so this year it’s definitely stayed around a lot longer. I always love to have it around us, because we feel so enclosed, but it’s nice to have it out and to see our surroundings again.

Luckily, I was able to snap a few pictures of it, which I thought I’d share it with you.

Combining Corn by The Wood Grain Cottage

These past few days the weather has been great, which makes taking pictures much easier. The sun was setting and everything had the most amazing glow about it.

Combining Corn by The Wood Grain Cottage

This life is pretty spectacular, and moments like this make me cherish it even more…

Combining Corn by The Wood Grain Cottage

Combining Corn by The Wood Grain Cottage

Combing Corn by The Wood Grain Cottage

Combining Corn by The Wood Grain Cottage

Combining Corn by The Wood Grain Cottage

Before I know it, we’ll be plowing everything under and preparing for our 2014 crops, but in the mean time I’m entirely enjoying the harvest… Right now we get to see all our hard work pay off. And there’s nothing quite as sweet than sitting in the combine watching something you’ve worked so hard for throughout the year come full circle. It’s a feeling of pride…. and something I wouldn’t change!

This life, it’s pretty wonderful!

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  1. What beautiful pictures. Wow I love what u have done…in many areas of your life.
    In appreciation,
    Heather Bening 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your energy with the world

  2. Shayna, it is so refreshing to read about how wonderful this life is. How much you enjoy working in your home, on a project or working in the field. I wish that more people would see God and all His glory in the everyday things of life.
    I so enjoy your blog. You have wonderful ideas and a beautiful home but most of all you have a beautiful soul who is so in love with life.
    Thank you for sharing that beautiful life with us.

    1. Oh my goodness! THANK YOU so very much for the super sweet comment, Rene! You’ve left me with the biggest smile! 😀
      I do love life! It is wonderful! And beautiful! And amongst all the bad things in the world, I strive to focus on the good.
      Thank you for brightening my day! 😀

  3. The pictures make me wish I was there to see it in person 🙂 When ever I see a planted field, or cows grazing or any working farm I always think of that poem … “And on the 8th Day, God created the Farmer”. I personally thank you for all you do. I think farmers deserve so much respect, that normally they don’t receive. So from all the way here in New York Shayna, Just know that there are people that truly appreciate all that you do!!

    1. Oh Amy! THANK YOU so very much for the super sweet comment! You’ve truly brightened my day!
      You’re right, farmers don’t always get the respect they deserve, and we’re often looked down upon. I’ve always been proud of this life, and I’m happy to know that people appreciate all the hard work that we put into it. 😀

  4. Amen, lil’sista…amen!!! Absolutely beautiful…so peaceful looking!!! Living the life I tell ya:) Wow…
    blessings & <3

  5. I’m going to have to show my hubs these pics…he grew up on a Farm here in Michigan and I know he misses it. I’m a new follower so will have to take some time to get thru your entire blog today…love it so far, keep up the great work! AND BLESS YOU FOR PUTTING FOOD ON OUR TABLE!

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