New Office Paint Color

Our office….Sadly it’s become the “catch anything and everything” room. And because of all the Christmas crafts, sewing projects and normal “office” and bill paying duties, our office literally looked like a tornado went right through it.

Anthony and I have both agreed that the office needs some serious help and a better organization system for my crafts, sewing, and daily household/ bill chores. 2014 is the year for a office makeover. Promise.

Office Before by The Wood Grain Cottage

Office Before by The Wood Grain Cottage

Those were really pretty, right? Ha!

My first step: clean everything out and paint the office! It’s not typically the most fun part of the makeover, I’ll give that to collecting all the accessories and putting everything back together, but the paint is such a huge part of the transformation. Time and time again I am completely impressed by the power of paint, and this is no different.

Halo by Benjamin Moore at The Wood Grain Cottage

I’ve been straying away from a lot of the original paint colors that I chose for the house, because quite simply, we like neutrals. Palladian Blue, pretty as it was, is not a neutral color. And I’m ok with the decision that it’s not the best color for our home.

And while I was at it, I painted the closet doors too. They’re painted in my favorite bright white, Super White by Benjamin Moore. It’s the same color that’s on our living room walls and the trim throughout our home.

Halo by Benjamin Moore at The Wood Grain Cottage

So, in comes Halo from Benjamin Moore. It’s the same color that I painted the laundry room. It’s got just a whisper of color, which I really love. I also know from the laundry room, that it looks divine with wood tones:

Laundry Room by The Wood Grain Cottage

Yes, you can guarantee that this office with have plenty of that white and wood combo that makes my heart skip! After all, what would the Wood Grain Cottage be without wood?

I have a few DIY office projects coming your way really soon, and I’m just happy that things get worse before they get better!

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  1. I can not wait to see what you do with your office/craft room for inspiration for mine. Our office is a huge mess as it is used just as yours is…regular office duties as needed for running the farm, plus crafts, sewing, scrapbooking, etc. It needs a complete overhaul. Love your blog and can not wait for some more inspiration!!!

    1. Awe, Becky! THANK YOU so very much! I can’t wait to see how it turns out too. I’m definitely taking everything I can into consideration. And all that farm paperwork definitely adds up, so it’s going to have a place of it’s own too! 😀

  2. Looks great! I just picked a shade very similar to Halo on the paint strip card and painted our guest room. So soothing and neutral. Looking forward to what you do in this space.

  3. Great color! I have most of the rooms in my house painted in a similar shade. I love how everything shows up so much better against the neutral backdrop and how much more light the rooms seem to have. Can’t wait to see all the other things you have planned!

    1. THANK YOU so much, Jamie! I agree with you, I love how how things look with a neutral backdrop! 😀

    1. HI Meg! I painted the ceilings White by Benjamin Moore in flat. It’s pretty close to Super White, just not as bright.
      I hope that helps!

  4. Holy doodle…when did you do this? Back to school means less time with my WGC:( I love both colors, Shayna! Looking good girl…blessings & <3

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