Mudroom Bench Makeover- Take 2

A while back I grabbed this little bench for free. We needed something for the mudroom ASAP, so I gave it a fast makeover.

It served its purpose well, but I’ve been craving a little bit different look.

While I didn’t mind the overall vibe of the bench, I was tired of the “permanently summer-ish” fabric.

And since I’ve already painted two pieces of furniture (here and here) with my new favorite paint color, why not add one more to the list?

Yes, I love me some Ashwood by Benjamin Moore. And I’m particularly enjoying it in a “flat” sheen. It’s pretty.

Mudroom Bench | The Wood Grain Cottage

But before I decided to paint this little bench in Ashwood, I originally planned on using Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. I spent Friday night painting it Navy, couldn’t make up my mind about the color, and decided to wait until Saturday to make the final decision.

After a whole lot of playing around and analyzing with the navy blue bench, Saturday afternoon I re-painted it in Ashwood.


I knew I was going to pair it with another favorite of mine- blue & white ticking stripe fabric.

Together they melt. my. heart.

Mudroom Bench | The Wood Grain Cottage

I’m also completely digging how the ticking stripe looks with our rug…

Mudroom Bench | The Wood Grain Cottage

It’s the exact vibe I was looking for and it’s already inspired a few more mudroom projects… which I’ll be showing you soon!

Happy Monday!

Shayna | The Wood Grain Cottage


  1. Love your stool. Nice job. Love your rug too, care to share where it came from. Been looking all over for a grey and white rug (reasonably priced)?

    1. THANK YOU Kim! I am so glad you like it. The rug is from Target. I bought it a while back, but the last time I was there (which wasn’t too long ago) they had it on sale! It was reasonably priced… like $20 maybe?

      1. They don’t have it up here in the Northeast, I’m always checking Target. I just found your blog last week, you were featured on another blog, and for the life of me I can’t remember. Look forward to your future posts and thanks for sharing. I will look for the rug online?
        Enjoy your stool!
        Thanks, again.

        1. Bummer! Perhaps they will have it online… hopefully! I’m so happy you found me- and to have you as a new reader! 🙂

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