It’s Cloudy…. & Updates!

Hello All…. My plan for today was to share our Holiday Home Tour, but it’s just down right dark and cloudy outside. We’re expecting a big snow storm to hit this afternoon. Dark and cloudy doesn’t make for very good pictures…

So, in the meantime, I’m going to be working on a few more projects and some last minute Christmas shopping.

Also, I will have a rather large announcement later this week or beginning of next week. Be sure to stick around for it! It’s a biggie!

In other news, my Cotton Ball & Jingle Bell Wreath and Christmas Countdown were BOTH featured on The 36th Avenue! WOW! I feel completely blessed and so honored to be receiving all of this attention and recognition.

Jingle Bell Wreath


That’s it for today, but I didn’t want to leave you all hanging with the Holiday Home Tour up in the air. I’m sure your all just banging down the door excited to see inside our home. (Wink, Wink!) 😉

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  1. When a woman who is married says that she has an announcement to make.. we always think it’s a baby! 🙂 So I’m looking forward to the news, either way, I’m still excited just because it’s a “large” announcement. 🙂

    1. I’m glad that your excited for the announcement! I wondered when I hit the publish button if people would think I was pregnant! 🙂 Thanks for being an awesome reader! You’ll find out soon!

  2. am so in love with your jingle bell wreath! looks classy…I would make one but we don’t have a screen door to protect it! Buy maybe next year as a gift to use inside the bathroom (I decorate the bathrooms too at holidays)

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